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Why choose a facelift?

People consider having a facelift for many different reasons – don't worry, you are not alone! On the contrary, this type of surgery has now become commonplace in the UK.


What are the reasons people give for wanting an Advanced Mini Facelift?

Many people say that they are looking tired, or are beginning to look like their mother. Others say that their jowls make them look miserable all the time, when in fact they are not miserable at all. Some people are in positions where a youthful appearance is considered to be important e.g. the media, sales or the cosmetic industry. A few people adopt a very proactive approach to managing the aging process, and opt for a face lift before everything starts 'going South'.


What about non-surgical facelifts?

Our experience with non-surgical facelifts was that they don't really work. You may have already discovered this for yourself.


How do I know which sort of facelift is right for me?

Good question!

In essence, there are four factors that need to be considered.

  • Your own wishes and expectations
  • Your anatomy and the degree to which the tissues of your face and neck have sagged
  • The experience and technical expertise of your surgeon
  • The surgical techniques that are available and appropriate

Addressing all of these considerations is what lies at the heart of the initial consultation. For some people, an Advanced Mini Facelift may be the ideal solution. For others, a full facelift will be more appropriate. Ultimately, the most important thing is that you have complete confidence and trust in your surgeon before proceeding. Likewise, he needs to be sure that your wishes and expectations are realistic, and that face lift surgery is the right choice for you.


Is there anything that prompts people into taking action?

For many people they have finished bringing up their families or have been saving and (finally!) have some money to spend on themselves. Some may have been through a prolonged stressful period (e.g. a divorce, serious illness or death of a parent) and are seeking to 'do something for themselves'. For some it has been a long-standing intention – 'I will have a facelift when I am 50' etc. We also treat a lot of patients who want to look their best for a special occasion – typically a wedding.


Should I really be thinking about having cosmetic surgery?

It is completely natural to have thoughts like 'Am I being vain?' or 'Isn't it a bit selfish spending all that money on myself?' Not as far as we are concerned. Our entire team is totally non-judgmental in its approach, so you needn't feel awkward or embarrassed about talking it through with us.


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