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Timescales for consultation and surgery

People are often surprised to discover they need to wait for a consultation to discuss an Advanced Mini Facelift and then to wait even longer for the surgery itself. If you have a special event that you wish to look your best for (typically a wedding), then you need to be proactive and plan things well in advance. Remember that you will also need to factor in some time for the recovery process.


How long will I have to wait for a consultation?

Typically within four to six weeks from the time that you initially contact me.


How long after my initial consultation will I receive a written quotation for the costs of surgery?

We aim to provide a formal written quotation (which may list a number of treatment options) within one week of your initial consultation and assessment. That quotation will be valid for three months. If you book treatment within that time period we will honour the quotation for a period of up to one year (even if you do not have your surgery for several months).


Can I have a consultation and then have surgery the next day as this would be more convenient for me?

No. You are considering a facelift, not a new hairdo.


How soon after my consultation can I have Advanced Mini Facelift?

The General Medical Council guidelines are that there must be a minimum six week 'cooling off' period between consultation and surgery. Six weeks is therefore the minimum possible time period that can elapse between consultation and surgery. In addition, a significant number of people are on medication or food supplements (e.g. aspirin-type drugs) that need to be discontinued for at least six weeks before surgery. If you smoke you must stop smoking completely for at least six weeks before an Advanced Mini Facelift and for a further four weeks after.


Is there a waiting list for surgery?

Yes – this varies between three and six months. Our Clinic Manager can give you a more accurate idea when you are actively considering treatment. We do try our best to accommodate people's wishes and time scales, but clearly this is not always possible.


I cannot wait that long for an Advanced Mini Facelift? Are there any other options?

There are two options. Firstly, you can opt to go onto our cancellation list if you are able to have surgery at short notice (i.e. a week or so). Occasionally scheduled patients need to cancel their surgery due to unforeseen circumstances, leaving a 'slot' which we offer to patients on the cancellation list (at no extra cost).

Secondly, if being able to have your surgery relatively promptly and at a time of your choosing is important to you, then we do offer a 'Fast Track' service. This usually brings the time that you wait between consultation and surgery down to six weeks or so. We also find that the summer holiday period is an especially popular time for surgery (especially with teachers and academics). If you need to guarantee that your surgery takes place during a particular popular time period you can also elect to use our 'Fast Track' service.


How much notice will I have of the date of my surgery?

We usually confirm our surgery schedule a few months in advance (although our routine waiting list is always longer than this). We aim to give you as much time as possible to plan your schedule so you don't get 'caught on the hop'!


How soon after surgery can I go back to work?

We recommend a minimum of two weeks. By that time the stitches will have been removed and any bruising will typically have started to fade. You need to remember that an Advanced Mini Facelift is a surgical procedure and that your body will need time to heal. It is important that you get back into the swing of things at a measured pace and not try to rush things.


When will I be fully recovered after my face lift?

Most people are 'fully recovered' by three months after the procedure, although scars may take up to a year to fade completely. The recovery period may of course be prolonged in the event of complications e.g. wound infection.

Having made your decision to undergo surgery and decided on a suitable time frame, the next issue to consider is what surgery entails and how best to prepare yourself.


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