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We present here an account of the typical events surrounding the Advanced Mini Facelift.


What happens when I get to the operating theatre?

One of our (lovely) theatre team will walk with you from your room to the operating theatre. At this point you will be asking yourself if you are completely mad (which is normal). After the routine operating theatre checks you will be asked to lay on the bed and appropriate monitoring applied. The anaesthetist will then place a small cannula in your hand and start to give you some sedation, after which things will suddenly seem much better! When you are fully sedated the surgeon will clean the skin with antiseptic and then numb the whole area to be treated with local anaesthetic.


Where are the incisions for an Advanced Mini Facelift?

The incisions are made in the hairline of the temple and then run close to the front of the ear finishing approximately one inch behind the ear. This approach needs slight modification for male patients (if they are not to end up with hairy ears).


What happens next?

The skin of the face is then freed from the underlying tissues, the (SMAS) layer under the skin is lifted and tightened and held in place by a looped suture. This is the significant difference between the Advanced Mini Facelift and a standard mini facelift. Any excess skin is then removed to produce a more clearly defined, fresher looking jaw and neckline. The wounds are closed and if necessary, a small plastic drainage tube is inserted in each side of the neck (which are removed the next morning). Nowadays, we do not routinely use drainage tubes.

If you have opted for Dermaroller treatment, we then treat the skin of the entire face with a Dermaroller before finally applying a firm supportive head bandage.


Is it painful?

It is extremely unusual for patients to report having experienced any pain during an Advanced Mini Facelift. Remember that you will normally be able to talk to us during most of the actual procedure, so if you experience any discomfort at all we can take measures to remedy this.


How long does the Advanced Mini Facelift take to perform?

The whole procedure takes about ninety minutes.


Do I go straight back to my room?

Yes – you will normally be fully awake by this time. There is no need to go to a recovery ward. You will be taken in a wheelchair directly to your room, where you can enjoy a well earned rest!


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