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So if you have managed to get lost, here is your guide to getting back on the right track!

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The patient journey

Advanced Mini Facelift
Why choose a facelift?
Initial consultation and assessment
Before and after photos
The Forum
Costs and payments
Making a decision
Timescales for consultation and surgery
Getting ready
On the day
First 24 hours
Going home
Sutures and scars
Risks and complications
Combination treatment
Do's and dont's


Other procedures

Neck lift
Full facelift
Male facelift
Blepharoplasty (eyebag removal)


Odds and ends

The Facelift Bible
What makes Me different?
Travel and accommodation
Hospital locations
Watch me
- Ten top tips before your facelift

- How to take before and after photos
- Enhanced recovery after facelift surgery
- Top tips after your facelift
- Dermaroller treatment after your facelift
- Timescales for your facelift
- Sedation vs. General Anaesthetic for your facelift
- The Me Cosmetic Surgery Forum
- Costs and Payment
- Safety Of Sedation For Your Facelift
- The Benefits Of Sedation For Your Facelift
- Dermaroller - Deep Dive
- How To Avoid Your Surgery Been Cancelled
- Safety Factors In Facelift Surgery
- Why Do People Have Facelifts?
- The Morning After Your Facelift
- If You Need Accommodation
- Before & After Photographs
- The Morning Of Your Facelift
- The Night After Your Facelift
- Controlling Bleeding After Your Facelift
- What To Expect In The Operating Theatre
- Making Your Travel Arrangements
- The Facelift Bible
- Introducing The Facelift Bible
- Cost Breakdown for Cosmetic Surgery



Frequently asked questions
- Sedation vs general anaesthesia for facelift surgery
- Thread lift or face lift – which is best?
- What are jowls? How can I get rid of them?
- Why should I avoid aspirin-type drugs before my facelift? What about vitamins, herbal medicines and food supplements?
- Why do I need to stay in hospital overnight after an Advanced Mini Facelift?
- I am an ex-pat living abroad. Would I be able to have an Advanced Mini Facelift?


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