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The Forum

It is important to us that we are totally transparent in everything we do. In 2009 we began hosting an open access forum for patients on our website. This has proven to be extremely popular and has become an indispensible resource both for prospective patients and for us.

How do I access the Forum?

Simply follow the banner on the right hand margin of each page (read what our patients have to say about me...). Alternatively, you may access the forum directly by following this link.

How do I join the Forum?

You may view all the content of the Forum without registering. If you wish to add a comment or describe your experience, you will need to register. You can do this by following the 'Register' link in the top right hand corner of the Forum home page. All contributions to the forum are anonymous.

In case of any difficulty in registering or posting comments, please contact me - we will be pleased to help.

Do I have to join or contribute to the Forum in order to use it?

No, but we believe that if you have found the Forum helpful in any way you should 'pay it forward' after you have had treatment. After all, if nobody bothered there would not be any content on the Forum for you to have read!

How do I know these are genuine comments and not altered in any way?

It is not in our interest to raise your expectations unrealistically. We do not edit or alter the content of the Forum or delete any adverse comments, although we do reserve the right to remove posts that our legal team consider defamatory or libellous. You may also anonymously private message the other members of the forum if you so wish, although they may choose not to respond to you.

Why don't you just use testimonials like other cosmetic surgery providers?

That is just not how we do business – we strive hard not to be simply a 'me too' organisation. The Forum is incredibly helpful for patients as they prepare for an Advanced Mini Facelift. In fact, we believe that spending time reading through the comments isinvaluable in coming to a decision as to whether an Advanced Mini Facelift is right for you.

Where do I start – there are so many comments?

Good question! Here are what we think are some of the most useful posts.

1. Why I chose AMF with Me
2. I have just come from 9 a.m. surgery All is well
3. First few days after AMF
4. My AMF, tips & results, 5, 10 & 28 days later
5. My experience of Advanced Mini Facelift
6. Two weeks post Advanced Mini Facelift today ... my tips
7. Advanced Mini Facelift: an honest account three weeks on tips
8. Advanced Mini Facelift and eyelift three weeks on
9. 4 weeks since Advanced Mini Facelift
10. Advanced Mini Facelift 4 weeks on
11. My experience
12. Prague versus Me Cosmetic clinic
13. My experience home and away
14. 2 years plus since my AMF
15. Back to work 48 hrs after Advanced Mini Facelift!
16. What may be helpful pre and post AMF
17. Advanced Mini Facelift - my do's and dont's