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Spire Hospital in Bristol

We have partnered exclusively with the Spire Hospital in Bristol to carry out consultations, all operations and follow up appointments. The Spire naturally has all the facilities you would expect from Bristol’s largest and most modern private hospital (including 24 hour on-site medical cover and even an intensive care unit). It also offers me a very competitive pricing structure, which we pass on directly to our patients.

Where is the Spire Hospital in Bristol?

The Spire Hospital is situated within easy reach of the M4/M5 intersection and ten minutes by taxi or bus from the main train station in central Bristol. A bus also runs regularly from Bristol Airport to the vicinity of the Spire Hospital every ten minutes. You may download a map and full information on local transport links here.

Where will I be seen and treated?

Your consultation and follow up appointments are held in the Outpatients Department near the main entrance to the hospital. If you choose to have your sutures removed in Bristol this is also carried out in the treatment area of the Outpatients Department.

What are the patient facilities like?

Everyone has their own individual room with en-suite shower facilities. You will have a choice of menu during your stay and all meals are served individually in your room. There is a television and telephone in each room and free wi-fi access throughout the hospital.

What is included in the hospital fees?

We have negotiated a very competitive and comprehensive fee package with the Spire Hospital.

This includes:

  • The cost of any necessary preoperative investigations e.g. blood tests, ECG etc
  • The operating theatre costs
  • All nursing and medical costs, including a doctor resident in the hospital 24 hours a day in case of any post-operative problems
  • All outpatient fees, including post-operative suture removal
  • The cost of an overnight stay, including all medications, dressings etc
  • The cost of an unplanned emergency treatment e.g. treatment of post-operative bleeding
  • The cost of any subsequent additional remedial treatment within a one year period e.g. scar revision

It is very important that if you are comparing providers that you satisfy yourself that all of the above are included in the price you have been quoted.

Do I have to pay the hospital fees separately?

No, this are included in the price you pay and we will settle these directly. It is however Spire Hospital policy to take a credit card number for all inpatients, so please do not be alarmed by this. You will not be charged anything in addition to the hospital fees agreed in your quotation from me.