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Making a decision

You have done your 'homework' and been to your initial consultation and assessment. You should by now have an idea of the costs involved. You therefore have most of the 'facts' that you need to make up your mind whether an Advanced Mini Facelift is a good choice for you. However, things are often not that straightforward. Clearly, your appearance is not going to improve by itself. In fact, things are inevitably going to get worse over time. But should you opt for surgery or perhaps try something a little less drastic? The problem with non-surgical treatments is that they do not really work, and you have possibly already found this out for yourself....

Can I get more information from people who have already had an Advanced Mini Facelift?

Yes, by visiting our patient forum. This contains hundreds of uncensored real life accounts and opinions posted by our former patients. This is by far the most helpful tool in helping you decide whether an Advanced Mini Facelift is right for you, so do spend some time reading this. The chances are that you will find the answers to what really concerns you on our forum. Some former patients also provide contact details so that you can contact them directly; others will respond to requests for copies of their own 'before and after' photographs. We do ask that if you do go ahead with surgery that you post your own account on our forum when you are fully recovered.

Can I talk to someone who has already had an Advanced Mini Facelift?

Yes. One of the most powerful experiences we offer is for you to meet and talk privately to a patient who has recently undergone an Advanced Mini Facelift. When you come to the Spire Hospital for your initial consultation there will normally be a few 'post-operative' patients in the department having sutures removed or a follow up check. Almost everyone is happy to talk to prospective patients about their experience and we strongly encourage this. Again, the pay it forward principle applies.

We cannot however guarantee that such an opportunity will arise. In that case, we can put you in contact with a former patient who can discuss their experience with you, normally by phone.

What are the risks of an Advanced Mini Facelift and what happens if things go wrong?

This is fully covered in the Risks and Complications section, which you will need to read through very carefully.

I have some practical questions I need answered. How can I do this?

Our Clinic Manager is able to answer almost any practical question you can imagine, from travel and accommodation arrangements to whether you need to bring a hairdryer with you! If we don't have the answer to hand then we will do our best to find out for you.

I still have more questions – can I see the surgeon again?

We do occasionally arrange a second consultation for prospective patients, usually if a significant period has elapsed since the first consultation. There is a nominal charge for this service.