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Advanced Mini Facelift

The Advanced Mini Facelift concept evolved from an American facelift technique, which we have further developed and refined over the years. It is an excellent treatment for sagging jowls and cheeks and occasionally it can also improve loose skin on the neck, resulting in a very natural refreshed look.

We have streamlined everything we do to make the procedure as convenient, safe and cost effective as possible for you. We know how busy life can be nowadays. After an Advanced Mini Facelift you can expect to return to your normal routine 10 - 14 days after the procedure with the minimum of fuss. Bruising, swelling and scarring tend to be minimal; improvement is immediate and gratifying, although the final results may take a month or so to develop. Nowadays, we treat all our patients under sedation rather than a general anaesthetic and this has very significant benefits. We operate a clear and transparent pricing policy and genuinely believe that the Advanced Mini Facelift concept offers excellent value for money.

We have chosen to present the Advanced Mini Facelift concept in the form of the 'patient journey' - a step by step guide based on the natural timeline of events. If we have missed anything, then you will undoubtedly be able to find the answer on our patient Forum, an invaluable guidebook for the journey. Of course, you can always talk to me.