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Going home

Home – the world's favourite destination! So now it is all over you will naturally be keen to get back to familiar surroundings and just relax. When you leave the hospital it is very important that you take things very steady for the first few days, getting back into your normal routine gradually over the next ten days or so. Be mindful that the Advanced Mini Facelift is a significant surgical procedure, not just a new hairdo!

Here are a few of the questions we are commonly asked.

Do I need to do anything before I leave the Spire Hospital?

You will obviously need to be reviewed by your Surgeon prior to discharge from hospital. You will receive a discharge pack containing written instructions, some painkillers, a light elastic head bandage and some antiseptic ointment for the wounds. Take your time to shower and have breakfast. You should not rush at this stage – there is absolutely no urgency.

What is the best way for me to get home?

There is absolutely no doubt that the best way to get home is to have someone pick you up at the front door of the hospital and drive you home directly. That way, you do not risk straining or raising your blood pressure, either of which could lead to bleeding into the wound and possibly rupture of your scars.

Do I need someone to escort me home?

We advise that you arrange to have a friend accompany you on the way home if at all possible. It makes things much easier and less stressful in terms of carrying luggage, finding your way etc. However, we do realise that this may not always be possible to arrange. Under those circumstances we recommend staying locally for the next 24 – 48 hours before making your way home. The wounds will have had a chance to settle and the residual effect of the sedation will have disappeared by that stage.

Can I drive myself home?

You will be unable to drive for a minimum of 48 hours after sedation, so driving yourself home the day after an Advanced Mini Facelift is out of the question. Some people do stay nearby for a day or two after their procedure and then drive themselves home – this is fine. You may leave your car in the Spire car park during that period if necessary.

Can I travel home on the train?

We do not recommend this as it involves stress and possibly lifting suitcases, both of which can lead to re-bleeding. If there is no alternative you should stay near the hospital for a few days and then travel when your wounds have had a chance to settle. Although you will probably feel completely back to normal the day after surgery, you will still be experiencing some slight residual effects from the sedation. This could lead to potential difficulties in using public transport.

When can I fly?

We recommend waiting a minimum of 48 hours after surgery before flying.

Can I wear makeup when I leave the hospital?

You may wear some fresh make up when you go home, but you should be scrupulous to keep this away from the incision sites. Green lipstick apparently works well as a concealer for any bruising after a few days. Many people choose to wear a headscarf and dark glasses rather than makeup at this early stage, although neither is really necessary.

Do I need to wear the head bandage you supply?

We provide a light but supportive surgical head bandage for you to wear after you leave hospital to provide gentle support which many people find more comfortable, especially at night in bed. If you choose not to wear this, it is absolutely fine.

What should I do when I get home?

It is sensible to take things very easy for the first 48 hours or so after an Advanced Mini Facelift. People obviously differ in how quickly they recover. Some people are able to return to work 48 hours after surgery, others need 10 days or so to recover. Our best advice is to listen to what your body is telling you and not to rush things.