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As we developed the Advanced Mini Facelift concept, it became apparent to us that conventional facelift surgery fails to address the issue of the health of the skin and quality of the complexion. With the renewed interest in rejuvenation of the skin using Dermaroller, it seemed logical to routinely combine this treatment with the Advanced Mini Facelift. Dermaroller is a safe, natural and effective treatment for a range of minor skin blemishes, including fine wrinkles, large pores and skin discolouration.

What is Dermaroller treatment?

Dermaroller treatment is a controlled form of mechanical skin stimulation, which induces collagen and elastin synthesis in the skin. The latter substances are responsible for the supporting framework of the skin. As a result, small wrinkles and large pores are improved and as a useful side effect skin tone visibly improves, becoming more visually even and fresher looking.

How does it work?

The Dermaroller device essentially consists of hundreds of acupuncture needles embedded in a roller wheel which is rolled repeatedly over the skin to create controlled micro-surgical needle punctures of the skin surface. The needles penetrate to the mid-layers of skin (dermis) where they stimulate dormant cells to start producing collagen and elastin. Furthermore, the stimulus also causes growth of new capillaries, thereby improving the blood supply to the skin. Because the needles are so fine the epidermis remains intact – the tracts close very quickly without damage to the skin. When viewed under the microscope, treated skin is indistinguishable from normal healthy skin. No chemical substance is deposited in the skin – Dermaroller works by harnessing the skin's natural repair mechanisms.

Is it a one-off procedure? 

We now often perform a single Dermaroller treatment immediately after the Advanced Mini Facelift procedure and many patients report significant improvement in skin quality after just one treatment. However, for full benefit we recommend a minimum of three Dermaroller treatments.

How many Dermaroller treatments do I need?

There is some good evidence that Dermaroller treatment is useful in helping scar tissue to resolve. For most people we recommend a course of three treatments at six to eight week intervals, with the scar tissue being actively and specifically treated during the second and third treatments. You will need to arrange follow up Dermaroller treatment independently of me.

Is there any preparation required before Dermaroller treatment?

The results of Dermaroller treatment appear to be enhanced by a two week regime of skin preparation before the procedure using a Vitamin C derived antioxidant serum. We will send you a supply of this a few weeks before surgery if you choose to have Dermaroller treatment along with your face lift. Many patients report significant improvements in their complexion after just using this product.

Which Dermaroller device do you use?

We use only genuine sterile single use Dermaroller devices. These are the only CE-marked device currently available which means each device has undergone stringent quality and sterility testing.

Are there any side effects or risks?

The safety profile is of Dermaroller treatment is excellent. You can expect your skin to be red and slightly uncomfortable for up to 48 hours after treatment. There is a risk of infection of the treated skin; this is extremely uncommon due to the sterility of the Dermaroller and the fact that the skin remains intact. Bruising may also occur, especially around the eye. Hyper-pigmentation of the skin can also occur - failure to follow the sun exposure and sun protection advice increases this risk. Rarely infection or reactivation of Herpes Simplex can occur and we routinely prescribe anti-viral prophylaxis to patients at risk of this complication.

Is it alright to perform Dermaroller at the same time as surgery?

Yes, we have not experienced any difficulties with this. The skin of the face is very resilient and to us it seems entirely logical to address skin quality and skin laxity at the same time.

What should I expect after Dermaroller treatment?

Immediately after Dermaroller treatment the skin will be red, resembling moderate sunburn. One of the major advantages of Dermaroller treatment is an astonishingly short down time - typically a day or two. Occasionally the skin may remain red for three to four days after Dermaroller treatment. Some flaking of the skin may also occur for a few days.

How quickly can I expect results?

People normally report a noticeable improvement in skin quality a few weeks after the initial treatment. You will typically experience the full benefits after three treatments, usually carried out at six to eight week intervals.

Are the results as good as a chemical peel?

In our experience, the results of Dermaroller treatment are every bit as good as that of medium depth chemical peels. Dermaroller treatment is however much more convenient and better tolerated.

Should I have Dermaroller as part of the Advanced Mini Facelift procedure?

If you do not wish to undergo Dermaroller treatment at the time of surgery that is absolutely fine. Some people prefer to arrange Dermaroller treatment either before or after surgery. Some people do not wish to undergo Dermaroller treatment at all. The choice is yours.

Do I need to do anything before or after Dermaroller treatment?

We do recommend using a Vitamin C serum prior to treatment, which we will send you two weeks before your Advanced Mini Facelift. You will need to protect your skin from the sun for six weeks after treatment. We will also provide you with some sun block to take home with you after your treatment.