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Costs and payments

The Spire Hospital has recently announced a significant increase in charges for the use of the operating theatre. We regret we have no alternative but to pass this increase directly onto patients with immediate effect.

How much does an Advanced Mini Facelift cost?

From September 2016 – our fees have increased to reflect the rise of the hospital charges made by the Private Spire hospital.

Advanced Mini Facelift including sedation and all hospital costs £5943
Advanced Mini Facelift plus upper blepharoplasty £6993
Advanced Mini Facelift plus lower blepharoplasty £7243
Advanced Mini Facelift plus quad blepharoplasty £7943
Blepharoplasty (upper and lower) £5233

What is included in the price that I pay?

Our business model is simple: offer a good service, treat people openly and fairly and the rewards will follow. So that you can compare our offer with others in the marketplace, we provide here a checklist of what is (and is not) included in the cost of an Advanced Mini Facelift.

  • Free initial consultation in Bristol with the surgeon who will actually perform your procedure. If you require an additional consultation prior to surgery or would prefer to be seen in Harley Street we make a nominal charge for this. We do not use 'nurse consultants' or the like.

  • The option to meet privately with someone who has recently undergone an Advanced Mini Facelift . This will normally take place at the Spire Hospital when you come for your initial consultation. In the event that this is not possible to arrange at that time, we can usually arrange for you to talk to one of our former patients on the telephone.

  • Access to our online patient forum - an invaluable source of information, opinion, help and advice from our former and prospective patients.

  • The full cost of an operation at the Spire Hospital in Bristol. This includes use of the minor operation theatre, all drugs and disposables and full nursing and medical care until you are discharged. In the event that you develop a complication requiring surgical intervention during the first full year after your operation, this is included in the price.

  • The cost of an overnight stay at the Spire Hospital, in a single room with an en-suite shower room. If you develop a surgical complication e.g. haematoma formation and require a longer stay, this is included in the price. If you wish for personal reasons to stay in hospital longer than one night, the Spire Hospital charges an additional £544 per night for this.

  • The cost of the surgery itself.

  • The cost of sedation by our Consultant Anaesthetist. If you are adamant that you require general anaesthesia, this needs to occur in the main operating theatre and attracts a very significant premium due to increased hospital charges.

  • Suture removal at the Spire Hospital in Bristol. It is usual to meet the surgeon who performed your procedure briefly at this stage to ensure that all is well.

  • A follow up consultation with your surgeon, typically six weeks after your Advanced Mini Facelift . If you develop any complications, you may see the surgeon as necessary without charge.

  • If the surgeon agrees with you that the operation has not led to a cosmetically significant improvement, we will offer to either refund you or to repeat the procedure.

  • If you develop intractable problems with the scar behind the ear, this can usually be resolved by a simple revision procedure under local anaesthetic. Should this be deemed necessary, the cost is included in your original fee.

  • Unlimited advice and support from our Clinic Manager, who will do her best to sort out any problems or queries you may have, however unusual or seemingly trivial!

When do I need to pay for my Advanced Mini Facelift?

Payment is due in full thirty days before the date of the operation. If payment is not received by that date your procedure will automatically be cancelled and we will be unable to offer you another opportunity. This is to be fair to the patients on our waiting list as we do our best to see and treat patients as quickly as possible. We will pay the hospital fees on your behalf – you only need to make a single payment.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by cheque, bank transfer or debit card. You may also pay over the phone by credit card, although there is a 2% surcharge for this. You may also split the cost between two cards if you wish.

Do you offer any kind of payment plan?

No – this can end up being a very expensive option and one which is best avoided.