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Putting it all together – combination treatment

Whilst an Advanced Mini Facelift by itself is an excellent treatment for many patients, others choose a combination of treatments that complement each other well. We very commonly perform an Advanced Mini Facelift in combination with a neck lift, eye bag removal or a skin rejuvenation procedure (using Dermaroller). Indeed, some people choose to have all of these treatments at the same time.

What are the advantages of having multiple procedures at the same time?

There are some obvious advantages to having multiple procedures. Most obviously, everything can be 'done and dusted' - recovery is complete within two weeks whether you have a single procedure or combined treatments, so your down time is minimised. It is alsosignificantly cheaper to have all your surgery in one episode.

What sort of cost savings are there to having multiple procedures at the same time?

For example, the all inclusive charge for an Advanced Mini Facelift alone is £3983 and for lower and upper blepharoplasty alone is £3583. When performed as a combined procedure, the total cost is £5983 which represents a saving of £1538 over the two procedures when performed separately. This figure is typical of the cost savings of combined procedures and results primarily from a reduction in the total hospital fees payable.

Are there any disadvantages?

No. Some people express concern e.g. that having eye bag surgery at the same time might interfere with the results of a facelift - there is no foundation for this. Similarly, some people are worried that having Dermaroller at the same time as an Advanced Mini Facelift might prejudice the surgical results - again, there are no grounds for concern in this respect.

I could do with a complete makeover. What would you recommend?

The results of combination of eye bag removal and an Advanced Mini Facelift are particularly pleasing - the eyes are refreshed and the saddened appearance that results from sagging jowls immediately disappears. For others and Advanced Mini Facelift combined with skin rejuvenation using Dermaroller is more appropriate - there is an added advantage in this case because Dermaroller treatment appears to benefit scar resolution post surgery.

My problem is more to do with my neck. What is the best approach?

Our practice has now moved more towards performing a neck lift in combination with a full facelift, rather than with an Advanced Mini facelift. Whilst the latter is an excellent treatment for jowls and lesser degrees of loose skin in the neck, most patients we see request a more dramatic result than can be achieved by an Advanced Mini Facelift in combination with a neck lift and this requires more extensive surgery.

How do I know what is appropriate choice of treatment for me?

There is obviously only one way of discovering what is the most appropriate surgical option for you and that is to consult an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Simply give us a call or drop us a line and we will be very pleased to arrange this for you.