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Before and after photos

Many cosmetic surgery providers make great play of displaying dramatic 'before and after' photos on their websites. Even the most casual inspection will show you that in many cases these have been staged to illustrate that surgery has made a dramatic difference. For example, the model may be shown in the before photos without makeup or with hair drawn tightly back, and in the after photos sporting a new hairstyle and with full makeup. We feel this to be inappropriate.

Why are there no before and after photos on your website?

This is a deliberate policy on our part. There is an unfortunate tendency for surgeons to display their 'best' or most 'dramatic' results in their advertising material. We seek not to advertise but rather to inform. We prefer to underplay the results of the Advanced Mini Facelift technique rather than to raise unrealistic expectations. In any case, the results of the Advanced Mini Facelift are not 'dramatic' in the style of some North American cosmetic procedures (the ‘Joan Rivers’ or 'wind tunnel look').

There are also issues of patient confidentiality and clinical governance that to us rule out the display of before and after photos in the public domain.

Is there anywhere I can see some before and after photos before I book a consultation? 

There are a few photos posted by patients themselves on our Forum. Many former patients also are happy to send you their before and after photos on request and may again be contacted via our Forum.

Where else can I see some results of the procedure? 

The American site with the original description of the procedure on which the Advanced Mini Facelift is based can be seen here. There are a large number of before and after photos displayed there.

Can I see some before and after photos at my initial consultation?

Certainly - this is a very important part of the initial consultation. Our surgeon has literally thousands to choose from. However, he will select only the photos that are relevant to your personal situation to show you the kind of results that you can realistically expect.

Will you show my before and after photos to anyone else?

We will only ever show your photos to other prospective patients if you give us permission to do so. We never use patient photographs for any other purpose (other than for clinical record keeping).