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About me

Philip Guest

Philip Guest is a Consultant Facial Surgeon and co-founder of me. He was the first surgeon in the UK to be trained in the Quicklift technique, which has now evolved into the advanced mini facelift concept. He is totally honest about what is achievable and gives plain, no-nonsense advice to patients. His CV can be downloaded from this link.

Martin Sasada

Martin Sasada is a Consultant Anaesthetist and co-founder of me. He has been involved in the development of the Advanced Mini Facelift concept from day one. His pioneering development of sedation techniques for cosmetic surgery has been central to the success of the concept.

Heather Carrol

As me's Clinic Manager Heather is with our patients every step of the way on their patient journey. She can answer anything and everything, and through talking to all our patients pre- and post-operatively she has built a wealth of experience in offering patients advice, support and reassurance.

Blair Sasada

Blair has recently joined me with responsibilties for social media management, video production and PR liaison. He also adds a dash of youthful thinking into the mix!