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Male facelift

Although the majority of patients choosing an Advanced Mini Facelift are female, we do see and treat a significant number of male patients.


Are there any special considerations for men undergoing an Advanced Mini Facelift?

There are two main considerations.

Firstly, the scars in the temple are usually in the hairline. If the hair is worn very short or the patient is completely bald, these scars will be obvious and may preclude facelift surgery.

Secondly, a slight modification of the usual incision line in front of the ears is needed in male patients. Because the 'beard skin' does not normally reach the ear, the incision needs to be made slightly in front of the ear so that you don't develop hairy ears!


Why do you need male enquirers to send in photos before arranging a consultation?

There are specific concerns for male patients that can make an Advanced Mini Facelift inappropriate. We therefore ask all prospective male patients to send us digital photographs. You should send us three photographs of your entire head and neck taken against a plain background, as follows.


Male facelift
1. Frontal view
Male facelift
2. Right profile
Male facelift
3. Left profile


These will be screened by our surgeon who will advise as to your suitability for an Advanced Mini Facelift before we arrange a consultation. The main concern is whether the hairline in the temple will be able to conceal the scars. Another concern is how 'heavy' the neck and jowls are.


Are there any accounts on the forum from male patients?

Yes, indeed there are. For example,

My experience

My experience of AMF

We also have some male patients who are happy to talk to prospective male facelift patients over the phone.

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