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Can you help me?

We are currently planning to shoot videos of the patient journey for two patients undergoing an Advanced Mini Facelift for inclusion on our website. This will be a professionally filmed and edited 'fly on the wall' documentary account, including pre- and postoperative interviews with the subjects. We are therefore looking for two people to participate in this project. In return for your participation, all surgical and anaesthetic fees will be waived. There will be no direct form of financial remuneration for your participation.

The filming will take place at the Spire Hospital in Bristol. On the day of operation, your preoperative consultations with Mr Guest and Dr Sasada will be filmed, before you undergo the Advanced Mini Facelift procedure. There may also be a short postoperative period of filming. Your treatment will not be in any other way different from normal.

You will also be asked to return to Bristol about six weeks after treatment for a follow up appointment with Mr Guest, when you will be asked about your experience. This will take approximately one hour. This will also be filmed and included in the video, if appropriate.

We will retain full copyright over all recorded material and retain complete editorial control. The recordings are being made specifically for inclusion on our website for information and educational purposes, but will not be used in any other way.

If you are interested in being involved in this project, please contact me, either by phone or email.


Advanced Mini Facelift documentary video update – 10.7.13

We have now set a tentative date of late October to film the two videos. Filming will be undertaken at the Spire Hospital in Bristol and the video produced by Snowline Productions, a local video company. If selected, you will need to come to Bristol for an initial consultation within the next month and you will also need to return to Bristol six weeks after your facelift in order to have your follow up consultation / interview filmed.

In order to express an interest, you should send us three photographs of your entire head and neck taken against a plain background, as follows. These will be reviewed by our Consultant Surgeon initially. The photographs will be used to create a shortlist of potential candidates and will not be used for any other purpose.


Male facelift
1. Frontal view
Male facelift
2. Right profile
Male facelift
3. Left profile


Our Clinic Manager will subsequently contact you either by telephone or email. In the interim, we would strongly suggest you spend time reviewing the content on our website and patient Forum.

Thank you for helping me.

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