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AMF 4 weeks on

For patients who have had (or are considering) eyelid surgery at the same time as their Advanced Mini Facelift.
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AMF 4 weeks on

Postby sueb » Sat Jul 24, 2020 3:51 pm

Hi Everyone
I am 58 years old, was a heavy smoker until 2 years ago, always loved the sun and have used sunbeds in the past, so you can imagine what damage I had done to my poor old face. I had my consultation in December last year, Mr Guest explained the procedure and was confident I would get good results, he made it clear that the amf would not address the smokers lines around my mouth but I could address that separately with a face peel or maybe fillers. I was thinking about having both my upper and lower eyes done and asked him about this. Mr Guest told me the bottom of my eyes were okay and that he would be able to smooth that area with the amf, he did say the top of my eyes had started to droop and I would benefit from them being done. I felt Mr Guest was very honest and truthful, I had attended several consultations here in Manchester and according to some I seen I needed everything doing, most of them wanted me to commit myself there and then and I got constant phone calls afterwards trying to put pressure on me. I came away from my consultation knowing exactly what would be involved, what I could expect and time to think it over. In the January I decided I wanted to go ahead with the amf and upper eyes so went ahead and booked it, however due to the waiting list had to wait till June. During the time I was waiting I read posts on this site and found it really informative and helpful, as I was only a visitor to the site I obviously was unable to comment or write a post, so Ive now registered and would like to share my experience with you.
I had my AMF and upper eyes done exactly 4 weeks ago today (26th June). I had arrived back from a holiday in Lanzarotte the day before and had got the early morning train from Manchester so when I arrived at the Spire hospital I was really tired and a complete nervous wreck, the admissions nurse was lovely to me, she gave me my gown and passion killer stockings to put on, we chatted for a few minutes. Mr Guest then came to see me and went over what we discussed at my original consultation and reminded me it would not address my smokers lines, he was really re-assuring and made me feel quite relaxed. Dr Sasada then came to see me, we had a chat and he explained how the magic sedation worked. By this time I was feeling quite relaxed, I didnt feel at all like I was just about to go into theatre. The nurse then came to walk to theatre with me and the rest was plain sailing.
From the minute I got on the bed in theatre I felt absolutely no pain at all, the sedation really was magic as for most of the time I slept. I remember feeling so relaxed and not having a care in the world. In between falling asleep and waking I chatted whilst Mr Guest and his team were working on me but dont really know what I was saying, I do remember Dr Sasada having a joke with me about the next patient having to share my room. The next thing they were connecting the tubes and putting the bandage round my head and I was wheeled back to my room (luckily Dr Sasada was joking as there was nobody in my room).
I felt no pain, just tired so just went back to sleep. After about an hour or so the nurse asked me if I wanted anything to eat so I had the food I ordered which was soup, a sandwich and rice pudding. I had no problem eating the soup or pudding, I also was able to eat most of the sandwich although it did take me a while as I had to nibble away at it as I could not really open my mouth too wide. I then went back to sleep, the next thing my tea arrived, omellete and a cake. Again with great care and concentration I managed to eat this. The only problem I had (if I could call it a problem) is because I where glasses I was unable to put them on due to the bandage. You are allowed to use a mobile phone in the Spire and I was receiving plently of texts from my well wishers but could not read them or reply. I tried several times to fit my glasses over the bandage, but didnt work, anyway one of the nurses noticed and offered to help, she sat with me reading my messages for me and texted my friends back asking them to phone me rather than text. This was really good of her as I was able to chat away to my friends. Although I wasnt feeling any pain I was given pain killers at regular intervals (so maybe there was pain but I didnt feel it), I had a really good nights sleep and in the morning my bandage was removed.
After my bandage was removed the tubes came out. The first tube did hurt but the nurse said it was because I was very tense and asked me to take deep breaths when she took out the second one. I was still taking the breaths when she asked me to stop as she had taken it out and I hadnt felt it. I then had a shower and washed my hair. I must admit I was a bit frightened about washing my hair (I thought the stitches might have come open) anyway it was okay and I did feel much better afterwards. Mr Guest then came to see me and checked everything was okay, which it was, he told me I was okay to go home after I had my breakfast (as breakfast is not allowed until they know for sure you are okay, just in case you have to go back into theatre). Dr Sasada then came to see me as well to check I was okay, I really did feel that I had been in very safe hands. Anyway after breakfast I was given my after care instructions, the lighter bandage was put on and I went back to my sisters for a few days rest.
I spent the next couple of days just completely resting, bathing my stitches and using packets of frozen peas to help with the swelling. I took painkillers for the next 2 days but after that didnt need them. On the Tuesday (3 days after the op) I went out to the local shops for an hour. Had the first lot of stitches out on the Wednesday at the Spire. The nurse took great care when taking out the stitches, I did feel a little tug here and there but I wouldnt say it was painful. Following the removal of my stitches I went for a light meal in Bristol with family. I had some bruising down the side of my face which was hidden by my hair, I had little bruising around my eyes but I didnt feel this was really noticeable. I came back to Manchester on the Saturday (one week afte the op).
I had the second lot of stitches out in Manchester on the following Wednesday at my local walk in centre. I must say this was not so good experience and there was no comparision to the time and attention the nurse gave me at the Spire, it took the nurse over an hour to remove them and she wasnt too gently, however I survived it. I went back to work the next day.
I had not made the AMF a secret so all my colleagues and friends came to inspect me. Everybody was really impressed on how good i looked and people were amazed that I was not bruised. The only bruising I had was easily disguised wih light makeup as by now I was able to wear it. Most people said it has taken about 7 years off me and I look really refreshed. People have commented on my cheekbones asking if i had anything done with them as they now look a lot higher and more defined. In all the comments have been really pleasing although i did wonder whether people were just saying that because they knew I had it done. I know this is not the case now because i have met people who didnt know and one of them said my new hair style really suits my face and it takes years off me (by the way I have had the same style and colour for years), another one said wow, have you lost weight and generally people who dont know about my amf are just complementing me saying how well I look. So I now know for sure it looks good and I'm not just imagining this younger looking face when I look in the mirror.
I really feel there has been no down time and very little bruising considering the wonderful results. Both side's of my face along my ears are still quite numb but each day i am getting more of the feeling back. All the swelling has gone, my eyes look much wider open and brighter and I now have a jaw line and my high cheek bones back. Just wish I had done some before photographs. My next (and final) job is the facial peel or maybe fillers, I've got to decide yet. Hope this is helpful to anybody thinking about having it done.

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Re: AMF 4 weeks on

Postby Salsera » Tue Jul 27, 2020 2:55 pm

Thanks for this's very encouraging. I am looking forward to my swelling going down so I can see the proper effect.

Having my stitches out tomorrow, day 6, I am a bit apprehensive but you seemed to get through it ok, so that makes me feel a bit better.

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Re: AMF 4 weeks on

Postby silvie » Mon Aug 02, 2020 9:32 pm

Hi Sue,

Thanks for taking the time to give us all that information about your amf and eye operation. I am having the same operations in October and couldn't find anyone else who'd had the same so it has been really enlightening to read your post. I am very encouraged to hear that you had minimal bruising and swelling in both areas. I had imagined I'd have 2 huge black eyes for a while and that I might have to lock myself away for a week or so but it sounds as if you were able to go out in public after just a few days with nobody noticing anyhing untoward about your face.


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Re: AMF 4 weeks on

Postby mwales » Thu Aug 05, 2020 1:38 am

thank you
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Re: AMF 4 weeks on

Postby flo » Sun May 29, 2021 7:25 pm

thanks for taking the time for the update, it was really helpful and reassuring to all us nervous patients to be. I was so surprised you had minimal bruising. A bit worrying about the stitches removal taking about an hour, I am such a coward.

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