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what may be helpful pre and post AMF

Comments and discussion about the Advanced Mini Facelift.
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what may be helpful pre and post AMF

Postby worm » Wed Apr 15, 2021 11:09 am

I am now 5 days post AMF. I have some bruising down my neck and along my jaw-line on the left-hand side of my face plus some residual swelling but still no pain. I am being patient as I note from previous posts that neither of these features are unusual.
I thought I would post what I found to be of benefit from the Forum's advice and what I would do with the benefit of hindsight.
Make sure you have your hair at its optimum before the op. it is going to be many a week before it will get much attention from your colourist.
Take in cotton wool face pads for cleaning the wounds and face wipes for cleaning your face. I use a face wash normally and this is no good as you do not want to be bending down over a washbasin.
If you like something more than tap water to drink take in a supply. I took some cashew nuts, some blueberries and dark chocolate which were good and easy to nibble on through the day of recovery. I would endorse careful choice of food. Soup and a soft dessert for lunch and cottage pie for dinner with grapefruit segments and boiled eggs for breakfast all went down well. The prawn sandwich I ordered did not.
You have to wear a surgical gown while you are in the hospital. Big knickers are a good idea and if you want to wear a bra make sure it is one without metal, or the lovely theatre nurses will ask you to remove it. Button-through tops are another essential and if you have one which buttons up to your chin all the better.Take a big square headscarf and wear it like the Queen on discharge.
I took a fleece travel pillow in with me which I found useful when in bed to stop my head lolling to one side and a good support when watching TV.
I stayed in Bristol the day after discharge as I was on my own. I decided not to stay in a bed and breakfast because I wanted to hide away and have room service. I went for big and anonymous. This, for me worked well, and when the waiter came up I just wound a towel round my head as if I had washed my hair and re-fixed the privacy sign on the door when he'd gone. I do not however,think this is ideal as someone should be there with you if possible, after all you have had a surgical procedure; it is so straightforward it is easy to forget this.
I did not take arnica, being somewhat of a cynic. I regret this now looking at the bruising on my neck and jawline. I had thought I had got away without bruising but there you go...!
On the day try and keep calm. Do eat a couple of hours beforehand. A bit of meditative breathing and drinking water to keep hydrated will help with the blood pressure. The operating room is at the end of the corridor, if you are on level 4, it is not a scary space. It even has a window looking out. The theatre sister/nurses are lovely and bubbly. Mr Guest and Dr Sasada are charming, as by that time you will know, so all you need to do is relax.

Posts: 5
Joined: Thu Apr 09, 2021 9:46 am

Re: what may be helpful pre and post AMF

Postby worm » Mon Apr 20, 2021 12:02 pm

No I didn't have anything other than an AMF. I am truly happy with the "process" and the end result. I posted a reply to your earlier post on the topic of "why I chose Me...". Nobody can make the decision for you but after awhile you will reach a conclusion even if it is "not yet but maybe later".
Best wishes.

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