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Advanced mini facelift - my dos and don'ts

Comments and discussion about the Advanced Mini Facelift.
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Advanced mini facelift - my dos and don'ts

Postby middlemiss » Mon Sep 22, 2020 10:04 am

I had an advanced mini facelift about 12 weeks ago, and felt the same trepidation beforehand that most of you will be feeling if you are about to take the plunge. I hope my post can reassure you!

DO trust the ME team. I did a lot of research before submitting my face to the knife, and it was Mr Guest's background that convinced me I could trust him. I figured that a surgeon who had done years of facial reconstruction in the NHS would understand the anatomy of the face. I was right! He treats you as an individual and you can be confident that the result you get will be right for your face - not an identikit facelift as you sometimes see in Hollywood! His team is also wonderful. Dr Sasada, the anaesthetist was equally reassuring and again, the amount of sedation will be right for you, not 'one size fits all'. More about that later.....
Still on the team, the nurses were lovely and caring. The level of care is superb both before, during and after. Both Mr Guest and Dr Sasada came to see me on the beautiful sunny Sunday after my Saturday operation to check I was OK. I really didn't expect this, but it shows how caring they are to spend time checking on patients when they could have been out enjoying the sunshine!

DON't worry about the operation. I can honestly say it was a breeze, from the moment I was wheeled in to theatre (where the atmosphere was not at all scary, mainly because you can feel this is a team who have worked together for years, get on well together ,and put patients first) to the end of the procedure. There is quite a lot in the forum about the drains put into people's necks and the pain of these being removed. This doesn't routinely happen any more, as patients are given Tranexamic acid tablets beforehand to prevent bleeding. Dr Sasada asked me how sedated I wanted to be. So it seems that if you want to be virtually 'out of it', you can be. I asked for light sedation (as I like to know what's going on!) and it was a fantastic experience. I felt completely relaxed, yet could hear what was going on and even talk to Mr Guest. I felt no pain whatsoever.

DON'T assume you will be one of the lucky ones who feel no discomfort afterwards and are at the gym within a few days. I really needed my 10 days off work after the operation, as I felt quite tired and my body was screaming at me to take it easy. Time for the books and box-sets! The first couple of days post-op were not without discomfort or even pain at times, but I got by on paracetamol. There was some swelling but very little bruising. Probably the worst thing is the bandage you have to wear around your head on the first night - it's uncomfortable, but necessary.

DON'T panic about how your face looks in the 2 weeks after the operation. It will be a continually evolving picture. At one point, my face looked slightly lop-sided because the swelling had gone down faster on one side than the other. It's fine now. Also, you do get used to having a slightly plumper face because of the slight swelling - and of course, as this goes down, the deeper lines in your face reappear! Only you will notice all these changes though: I met several neighbours 3 days after the operation and nobody gave me a funny look. I met my brother 10 days after the operation and he didn't notice a thing. Only the people who knew I was having the operation noticed the difference - they all said I looked younger and fresher - and all of them are considering having the same procedure done.

DON't expect to look 20 again! The mini facelift does exactly what is says on the tin. It refreshes your face, lifts your jowls and makes you look jolly good for your age, if not 5 to 10 years younger. Although Mr Guest said it wouldn't improve my nose-to-mouth lines, it definitely has - they are far less pronounced. The strangest thing is that I'd got used to being 'invisible' - but (and I really didn't have the operation for this reason!) - I've noticed men looking at me again..... Another strange 'side effect' is that I can put cream blusher on again because my cheeks are taut enough to take it.

DON'T feel guilty about spending money on improving your looks. Until about 6 years ago, I thought women who went under the knife were frivolous and shallow and somehow letting the side down. Then it got to the stage where every time I looked in the mirror I felt depressed at the sad, haggard face looking back. I didn't feel old and sad, so my face was no longer a reflection of who I was. My face looks like me again, and that is priceless.

DO go for it!

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Re: Advanced mini facelift - my dos and don'ts

Postby peter424 » Wed Oct 08, 2020 9:49 am

You have written a very nice thread. It will really be very helpful to those desiring facelift surgery. Many fear a facelift because they lack the basic knowledge about it. This post gives in detail your experience of a facelift which will surely be a big help to all. About 80% of patients have a sense of fear before surgery but later, they have just been amazed by the change and their youthful looks. The thread will give a lot of confidence to those seeking a facelift.
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Re: Advanced mini facelift - my dos and don'ts

Postby peter424 » Fri Oct 10, 2020 11:57 am

It is amazing when you find that you have regained your youthful looks, thanks to a plastic surgeon who refreshed your skin through surgery. In the past, women would think twice before going under the scalpel but not anymore. Cosmetic surgeries have become much safer, thanks to innovative techniques and expertise of surgeons.
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Re: Advanced mini facelift - my dos and don'ts

Postby npetti » Sun Jan 04, 2021 6:17 pm

Hi there ,
i would like to know what are your feelings 8 months after surgery. Are you still happy with the way you look or do you think the skin has already started not to feel so tight?
I am just concerned about the long lasting result.
Would appreciate yr comments.
Thanks a lot.

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