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first few days after AMF

Comments and discussion about the Advanced Mini Facelift.
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first few days after AMF

Postby sherrie » Tue Apr 09, 2021 8:27 pm

I have just returned from Bristol, where I underwent an AMF with Mr. Guest on April 6th 2013. Already I am thrilled with the results...swelling, numbness, scarring and all!
On the morning of the operation, I was visited and reassured by both Mr. Guest and Dr. Sasada who talked me through the procedure and what to expect.
The surgery itself was a stress free experience and I was completley unaware of anything once under the sedation.
Once back in my room, I was checked every hour and had my blood pressure taken and was advised on comfort and pain relief. I was surprised at just how little pain there was. More a slight discomfort rather than pain and the drain bottles were really just a nuisance. I was expecting a more significant level of pain as the local anaesthetic wore off but I never needed anything stronger than a paracetamol.
The care and level of professionalism at the hospital and from all Mr. Guest's colleagues was exemplary.
My first night at home was uncomfortable, being propped up on pillows without the luxury of a hospital raised bed but still no pain as such although I took paracetamol every four hours just to make sure!
Day two and I have taken off the tight strappy support bandage. My face looks a slightly different shape and I am still unable to open my mouth properly. Both sides of my face are still numb and I have a shiny, swollen look to the whole of my face...thankfully, evenly across both sides!
There is very little bruising except to the sides of my neck where the drains were. I have 'vampire' marks on either side of my neck :)
The scars are pretty fierce right now but no more than I would expect after surgery. My hair line appears to have changed and the way my hair lies around my temples and around my ears has changed too.
One thing...I really wish I'd dyed my hair before the operation as I have to wait six weeks before I can dye it now!
Day three: still numb down both sides of my face which makes it difficult to smile properly...and believe me, I really want to smile! So pleased with the results already. My saggy chin has lifted and there is even a slight improvement in my neck (I did not have a chin or neck lift) my jawline is much more defined and my wobbly 'churchill dog' jowls have all but gone. Still no pain and a much better night's sleep propped up with two pillows under my neck and shoulders.
If people are interested, I'll post regular updates of changes and improvements or complications.

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Re: first few days after AMF

Postby 24stelmo » Wed Apr 10, 2021 9:54 am

Dear Sherrie
Thank you for writing about your experiences. I am booked to have my AMF next month and I am really interested to hear anything you have to say!
Best wishes
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Re: first few days after AMF

Postby chloejd » Wed Apr 10, 2021 10:10 am

Thankyou for posting your experiences during the first few days. I am certainly interested in reading you posts, am seeing Mr Guest for my first consultation next Wednesday,
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Re: first few days after AMF

Postby manuka » Wed Apr 10, 2021 1:53 pm

Hi Sherrie, I am so pleased that everything went well, and thank you for the update as it helps a lot, as I am just about to book and go ahead with Mr Guest. Could I just ask though, when you said your hair line has moved and appears to have changed - is this very obvious do you think, or just to you? You see, I don't have very thick hair, probably slightly fine and the style of my hair doesn't really allow a great amount of coverage. I plan to take a couple of weeks off work and would be interested in you know how you continue to heal etc.
Many thanks
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Re: first few days after AMF

Postby sherrie » Sun Apr 14, 2021 3:21 pm

to manuka. I think the change in hair line is just noticeable to me. that's not say it hasn't actually has. the way the hair lies has changed too but not really to the extent where I would have to change anything dramatically. as the week has progressed and the swelling has subsided, it has begun to lie more closely along my scar line. I have very fine hair here and expect to have to wear concealer makeup along the scar for a while until it becomes less red.

day 6: I have two or three little bobbly lumps between the stitches on the left scar. these aren't large but if they don't go away, they will make the scar appear bumpy and not smooth so keeping a close eye on those and will phone kate at the hospital tomorrow to ask.
I don't wear any sort of head covering indoors and my two sons have noticed nothing! this may say more about their total lack of interest in their own mother but I am encouraged that even without my trusty alice band, I can dry my hair over my ears enough already to cover any scars.
the bruising has faded but not completely disappeared and in a cold wind, my face still glows a lovely shade of purply green.

day 7: still numb along the scarline but have emailed kate at the hospital and have been told this is quite normal and feeling will return in due course. the scars are tender when I wash my hair but otherwise pain free.
I have been scruplous with the hygiene, keeping my hair washed every day and always washing my hands before touching my face or hair. the result of this is that my hands are red raw and I have every sympathy with OCD hand washers everywhere!
I have now used all my polyfax gel so hopefully the wounds have healed enough to not need the antibiotics in the ointment.
I have booked an appointment to have the stictches removed on thursday afternoon...but before that, we are in the studio recording tracks for our new album so it will be a test of the alice band to see if I can fool a whole bunch of sound techs...given my boy's lack of observational skills, it bodes well that the rest of the band and most of the tech guys are male :)

I have a couple of photos taken on day 7 of profile and face front if anyone would like me to send a private message.
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Re: first few days after AMF

Postby manuka » Sun Apr 14, 2021 4:24 pm

Hi Sherrie, I thank you so much for the update. It's great that your boys haven't noticed, but then girls are different and it's the work colleagues I am worried about. I came home the other day with highlighted hair and a cut and my other half never even noticed until I pointed it out.
My hair is fine along the hairline and I never thought of wearing an Alice band - that's a great idea. I have sent you my email and can't wait to see your photos. As long as you are overall pleased with the results and the scarring (which Mr Guest informed me will fade with time), then this has helped me to make the decision to go ahead.
I am glad you are recovering well and hope the bumpy bits disappear completely very soon ;-))
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Re: first few days after AMF

Postby sherrie » Wed Apr 17, 2021 6:20 pm

day 11 I've been back at work for three days wearing an inventive parade of headgear. I've alternated between the stretchy alice band (which I pull down quite low to cover my ear lobes as they are the most noticeable with the little blue stitches) and a rolled lacy scarf which I've worn ala 1940's land girl (or rambo as my best friend tells me...or a pirate, as the kids at school have told me!)
I've told the few colleagues who have questioned the scarves, that I've had my wisdom teeth out and still have bruising and they seem quite happy with that.
my face is still numb along the scarline and my neck is still tender where the drains were put in.
Istill have some very faint residual bruising along my temples and down the sides of my cheeks which gives a mottled effect in the cold weather.
the swelling is settling down with just a slight swollen look to my lower cheeks, but this is hardly noticeable, just a little hamsterish. I'll take some more photos when the stitches come out (tomorrow)
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Re: first few days after AMF

Postby jacquistev » Fri May 31, 2021 3:47 pm

I had my AMF 1 week ago. All I wnated to do is get rid of my jowels, I felt my face looked misarable all the time as they pulled my mouth down. Every time I looked in the mirror I pulled them up to see what a differance it would make having them done. I looked at various options but on reading about Dr. Guest it sounded just what I wanted.
After meeting him and deciding to go ahead I then had to wait 9 weeks, so on the morning of the op I arrived at Temple Meads station wondering if I was doing the right thing.
Mr Guest soon put me at my ease and a couple of hours later I was wheeled down to the theatre to have the sedation.
Over the years I have had a lot of surgery, but this is the first time with sedation. I can remember talking at sometime, but cannot remember what about, and then drifting off and feeling nothing. I can certainly recommend it. Suddenley it was over and I was wide awake asking for a drink. Back in my room they made me comfortable, and with no pain I was able to phone my husband, have somthing to eat and have a wee almost straight away.
Slept on and off that night not through pain but not used to sleeping sitting up.
Bandage came off next morning and the drains came out (no problem) and went home.
It is now day 6 and feel fantastic keep looking in the mirror but for another reason cannot belive my jowels have gone, have the stitches out next week can't wait. Had very little bruising only around where the drains were. I did take arnica for a few weeks before op but who knows if that was why.
Still have some swelling but it is going down each day. No one but my husband knows I have had it done, as I want to see if anyone notices a difference.

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