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prague versus ME cosmetic clinic

Comments and discussion about the Advanced Mini Facelift.
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prague versus ME cosmetic clinic

Postby jackiebrown » Thu May 10, 2021 7:29 pm

I would like to give my experience of a lower face lift i had done in Prague . i went over 2 years ago to a very nice clean hospital in the city i was put under general anaesthetic , on coming round i felt as tho i had been run over with a truck my face was swollen like a balloon i also had bleeding coming from the back of my head no idea why?.. it soaked through the bandages, was told this was ok and not to worry. Flew back home just under a week later with bandage on my head face still really swollen had afew funny looks going through the airport. Had a large lump on my neck was told by my gp it was a hematoma and would eventually go . Did email all my concerns to the surgeon was told its early days everything will be fine .. around 4 to 6 weeks later noticed my scarring on ears was really bad very raised and about the size of a 2 pence piece under one ear very noticable was told to wait around a year and if was still as bad to go back and get fixed.. So there i was away back to Prague surgeon sorted scars and sent me home . To my dismay the scars were even worse than before also some of my earlobe had been caught and dragged into face leaving me with half an earlobe . Was too distraught to go back.

Having already had a consultation with Mr Guest at the Spire clinic i decided to put myself in his capable hands so on the 5/05/12 i had an advanced mini face lift . I spoke with Mr Guest before going through to theartre he was lovely . Dr Sasada also spoke to me about the sedation before operation, must say i was feeling alittle frightened at the thought of being wakened but to my surprise it was very easy as you feel sleepy but still able to speak . I was texting my sister just after the procedure to let her know i was fine ... in fact i was great lol amazing . Mr Guest has took away all the scar tissue on my ears and is now replaced with the most neat stitch ing i have everseen its early days 5 days to be precise and looking great had afew stitches out yesterday and will get the rest out in a weeks time.Will send a pic to Mr guest in 6 weeks time. What a difference going through the airport this time, no bandage on my head very little swelling . Can i also say i found an amazing B&B the Belgrave its a 3 min walk from the hospital and beautiful room with ur own terrace and breakfast in your own room every morning really made my stay in Bristol perfect plenty of privacy.

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Re: prague versus ME cosmetic clinic

Postby JackieN » Sun May 13, 2021 2:51 pm

What is the name of the B&B?
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Re: prague versus ME cosmetic clinic

Postby monners3 » Sun May 13, 2021 3:51 pm

It does actually state the name of the B&B in jackiebrown's post, its called the Belgrave.
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Re: prague versus ME cosmetic clinic

Postby Buckthorn » Thu Aug 23, 2020 2:52 pm


I had my AMF 6 weeks ago and it went well.

I also went to a nice clean hosital in Prague ( Askelipon I think) 5 years ago for a full face and neck lift and experienced the same. Upon returning home I ended up in ER and made several trips to my GP for help. I had the biggest hematoma on my neck making it almost double in size and had 3 months off work. I too had my earlobes tucked away exposing only half of them. Mr Guest corrected that. I think the name of my surgeon in Prague was Peter Vass or something similar. Just awful. Glad to hear you are okay now.

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