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Two weeks post AMF tips

Comments and discussion about the Advanced Mini Facelift.
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Two weeks post AMF tips

Postby Salsera » Thu Aug 05, 2020 8:16 am

Hello lovely AMF ladies,

Well I had the stitches out yesterday and what a relief that was....I had got myself worked up a bit about it but it didn't hurt. Mr Guest popped in and saw me and was very pleased with the result.

....Then it was off for a lovely lunch with my friend Sarah, the only person who knows I have had this done apart from my partner. (I have been away from home for 2 weeks to ensure no one saw me). I so wanted a glass of wine to celebrate but had to wait until the evening, when I got back home and dropped in to see about 30 friends at a dance class I run. No one stared, or did a double take, even those that I have known for 10 years. What a result! I was so worried......mind you it was dark in the ballroom.

On Sunday I am going to a BBQ with some of those friends so I'll see if anyone says anything after they've had a few drinks....and I am due to see my children and sister over the next few days. My partner saw me for the first time since the AMF last weekend and noticed a big difference, but now that the swelling has gone down it is less noticeable and I look more like me.

I had the AMF and a lateral browlift as my eyes were feeling heavy and I had to raise my eyebrows to open them up. The result is absolutely wonderful. My eyes are open and the heavy crease in the outer corner that made it difficult to apply eye liner has gone. My jawline is very defined - the jowls have disappeared and I have a lovely definition between the jawline and neck. In fact my neck looks much slimmer. All the wrinkles up the sides of my face and crows feet have gone. I had a couple of little scars on my cheeks from chicken pox when I was a kid, which were emphasised more as the skin slackened. Those have disappeared and the skin across my cheeks and down to the jaw line in now smooth. When I look in the mirror I smile now instead of seeing the imperfections - no more face pulling.

The AMF hasn't fully addressed the platysmal lines on my neck (the lines showing from the 2 muscles that go down from the chin to the throat). When my face was more swollen they had disappeared but as the swelling has dissapated they are visible again but much less than before. I did speak to Mr Guest about these during the consultation and he advised me that I would need another procedure to tighten those muscles which would involve an incision under the chin. I decided not to go for that and the AMF has improved it somewhat.

The incisions are healing well and appear as very thin lines on the sides of my face. As I only had the stitches removed yesterday you can still see where they were, looks slightly dry and a bit scabby at the moment. I will keep you posted as to how they go.

My tips:
- Take arnica for a week or so prior to AMF and continue until the bruising has gone (this helps reduce bruising)
- Choose soup, yogurt or something that doesn't need much chewing for your meal after the procedure.
- Use arnica cream on any bruising (not on the incision of course).
- Don't be afraid to wash your hair the morning after the feels wonderful.
- A couple of days after the procedure you will probably be able to go out and about, make sure you have a hat or a cap to wear so that the hair doesn't blow back from your face and reveal all the stitches.
- Be prepared that the swelling takes some time to dissapate. Everyone is different but for me it was 12 days before my face was really looking like me.
- Try to rest for the 2 weeks, I am sure this has helped me recover quicker.
- Double sided sticky tape (tit tape) is great to stick a piece of hair down on the sides of your cheeks so it doesn't blow back and reveal stitches or scars while things are healing (it really works)
- Be prepared that the sides of your face will feel numb for some time
- If you need somewhere to stay in Bristol, Downlands House is great and just a short distance from the Spire and very close to shops. Longer term Avening in Long Ashton is really lovely and there is a Co-op and a few shops in the village about 8 minutes walk from the house.

Good luck to all you ladies who are planning to get this done....I say go for it!

R x
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Re: Two weeks post AMF today

Postby Firstclasscat » Sat Aug 07, 2020 10:28 am

Hi Salsera

Thank you on behalf of everyone who has been reading your brilliant posts. I have my AMF booked for June 2011 (yes Mr Guest is booked up that far ahead!) but I know it will be worth the wait for the 'Top Man'.

Enjoy your lovely,new, face.

W x
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Re: Two weeks post AMF today

Postby Salsera » Fri Aug 13, 2020 8:37 am

Hi Firstclasscat,

Thank you so much for your comments. Nice to know my waffling is of some use. :-)

My original appointment for surgery was in March 2011 but I paid a bit extra to fast track and was able to take advantage of a cancellation. I had been thinking about getting a lift for about 10 years, so it's a relief to finally have it over and done with.

Wishing you a great new face for June 2011!

R x

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