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My experience of AMF

Comments and discussion about the Advanced Mini Facelift.
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My experience of AMF

Postby gordy » Mon Jun 07, 2021 10:13 am

Hi, I'm a 56 year old male that had a AMF Saturday 5th June.
I arrived at the Spire hospital at 11.45am. Mr Guest came in to see me and answer any question I had and mark my face ready for the procedure, I was take to theatre at 2.30pm. I was given sedation almost as soon as I got to theatre, the next thing I remember was when Mr Guest had finished the right side of my face and was moving round to the left. I remember asking how it was going and he reassured me it was going fine, I then went back to sleep. I woke as the nurse was cleaning me up and putting the dressings on. What a nice team Mr guest has, really reassuring and so pleasant.
I chose to stay overnight at the shire hospital and I would recommend it, as there is always a nurse checking that you are comfortable, and giving pain relief when required.
I had one drain each side of my neck and they felt a little uncomfortable, but nothing to much to worry about. I elected to take any pain relief I was offered but can quite understand that some people would not feel it necessary. I had a comfortable night and at 10:30am Sunday morning the nurse came in and removed the two drains, this was not painful and I felt really comfortable after they had been removed.
At 10:45 Mr Guest came in to check all was OK and advise me on how to care for the incision, we were both really pleased with the results so far.
I was picked up at 11:45 and I'm really pleased I was, although I felt fine and had no pain I don't think my concentration was 100% due to the sedation.
Three days before the operation I started taking arnica tablets and when I got home I then started using arnica cream, just where I thought there might be bruising, being careful not to go anywhere near the incision. I was given antibiotic cream to apply to the wound four times a day. The arnica tablets and cream were recommendeded to reduce the bruising (I purchased these from Boots).
Sunday afernoon I applied frozen peas wrapped in a clean tea towel just to the swollen areas every two hours, which really felt good and I believe reduced the swelling. I went to bed with four pillows to prop me up and had a really good nights sleep.
Monday morning I woke with no pain and the bruising and swelling are minimal, there is slight discomfort but no more than that. Since returning home my daughter has been cleaning the incision and applying the antibiotic cream every four hours, and this will continue untill Wednesday 9th June when I have my first post appointment with Mr Guest to remove some of the stitches.
As I'm a man I wear my hair quite short and its going to be difficult to hide the scar however when my daughter and I were in Boots we selected a cover up cosmetic foundation, to apply once the wound has healed in the initial period until the scaring is not noticable.
For anyone considering having the AMF I can honestly recommend that you go for it, both my daughter and I can see a great improvement in both my neck and lower face. I would say that the AMF is not a small procedure but having researched a full face lift, I think this is a great procedure with very good results. I will update you all after Wednesdays post appointment.

Hi, had some of the stitches in front of my ear removed Wednesday and the rest are due to be taken out on the 16th. Mr Guest was very pleased and ask if I would mind letting a future patient take a look and ask me questions, they were astonished at the little swelling and bruising I had five days post opp.
Its now seven days post opp and all the swelling has now gone,the little bruising I did have is barely noticeable.
It still fills numb running down the side of the incision but its not a problem.
Looking forward to having the other stitches out as they have began to itch a little, all part of the healing process. I'm still cleaning and applying the antibiotic cream three time a day to prevent a scab forming and make sure I don't get an infection.

I hope that this helps anyone thinking of having the AMF.

Hi, I had the rest of my stitches taken out Wednesday 16th , the incisions looks great and the bruising and swelling has nearly all gone.
I started putting on dermatix the same day the stitches came out and its now Sunday the 20th, two weeks since the opp and the scar in front and behind my ear are barely visible, The scar in my hair line has gone a very light pink and needs very little concealer to cover it.
The deference this has made to my face is amazing and I'm told its taken ten years of me.
I'm so pleased with the results and would recommend AMF to anyone thinking of having it done. There has been very little pain and the recovery time is quick.

Best wishes

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Re: My experience of AMF

Postby Firstclasscat » Fri Jun 25, 2021 10:25 am

Hi Gordy

May I, on behalf of all Mr Guests patients (current & future ones) say a very big "THANK YOU" for your intelligent, and informative, post. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying how much I enjoyed reading it.

Good luck with your recovery.

Best wishes

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Re: Thank you Gordy

Postby cupcake » Mon Jun 28, 2021 11:36 am

Hello Gordy,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for your post. I am having my AMF this Saturday and it is so reassuring to know that it all went so well for you. Did the hospital recommend the Arnica cream and tablets to you ?

Kind regards


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