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My experience

Comments and discussion about the Advanced Mini Facelift.
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My experience

Postby scottish » Mon Feb 01, 2021 10:16 pm


Had the AMF on Saturday 16th January and thought I would share my experience. I flew to Bristol on Friday and spent the night in a hotel, next day arrived at the Spire at 8am. Was taken to my room and during the next hour was seen by Mr Guest and Dr Sasada. At 9;15 went to theatre. I asked to be awake but I was told I fell asleep for some of the time, I wasn t aware I had. Two hours later back in room, no pain during or after surgery, had 2 drains which were removed next morning ( I spent the night at the hospital ).

Had a slight swelling at side of eye which might have meant a return to theatre, fortunately this was not required.
Left hospital at 1pm on Sunday and went back to the hotel and had a sleep . At about 6pm and feeling hungry my plan was to eat in the room, however with my tammy pulled over my ears I went to the hotel restaurant, it was busy , was there a couple of hours and nobody gave me a second look, same on the flight home on Monday. The only worrying moment was at airport security, the place was busy and a sign stated coats, belts and HATS to be removed, omg , fortunately I was able to have a quiet word and he let me keep it on and used a hand scanner over my head. I am male with hair just at my ears, a woman or man with longer hair could get away with no hat.

Back home slight bruising appeared around the eye where the swelling was, was gone by the Thursday. Today final stitches came out, no pain, a slight infection behind 1 ear so am on antibiotics as a precaution , I was unaware of this, could not see it and no pain. Still swollen and numb under the ears and along jaw line, but only 2 weeks after op this is to be expected. Have been round the local shops , had a pint at my local, seen my mates and mum all with tammy on, nobody has a clue lol.

Will post again in a few weeks and let you know how things are progressing, but so far all looks great. If you have any questions please ask.

A big thank you to the ME team, and the nurses who looked after me during my stay.


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to scottish

Postby carolsheridan » Sat Feb 06, 2021 9:00 pm

keen to know how you're getting on. especially after all the travelling!
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Re: My experience

Postby scottish » Thu Jun 03, 2021 5:07 pm


Well I said I would post again in a few weeks, ok so its a bit late lol. Well everything healed up , scars now invisible, the slight infection was cleared up within a few days. So as far as recovery went nothing to report. I had to use makeup to hide the scars at side of ears for a few weeks after stitches came out, remember I have short hair. I would defff. recomend guys to grow their hair to the bottom of their ears and keep it at that length for 2 months. Shaving in new places, very close to the ear and slightly behind at the bottom of the ear.

Most of the comments are have you lost weight whilst looking at my face. Has anyone actually accused me of having surgery, no, and some of my mates would have piled it on for weeks if they had guessed , trust me.
Having read some of the other posts I appear to have came through the experience easily. Was it worth it? I think everyone has their own reasons for having cosmetic surgery, and what they hope it will change in their life.
For me ? Suppose I could ask myself " would I do it again ?"

Carol, The travelling was nothing, from my house to Edinburgh 1 hour, Edinburgh to Bristol 1 hour, nothing really. A few have asked about accomodation, I stayed in the premier travel inn, city centre, it was fine.

So " would I do it again ?" LOL. Mr Guest, hope you are not planning on retiring any time soon.

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Re: My experience

Postby idlecat » Wed Jun 09, 2021 3:26 pm

Interesting experience especially as you are a male, glad to know your scars have faded mine are still unsightly pink and I too am using concealer to cover. I wouldn't want to wear my hair up. I have been using one of those eye shade visors out in the sun, it keeps the hair in place around the area where the scars are.
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