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Wonderful Experience

Comments and discussion about the Advanced Mini Facelift.
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Wonderful Experience

Postby Denize » Mon Nov 10, 2014 2:15 pm

Yesterday I went to the hospital to have an advanced mini face lift and lower blepharoplasty, I wasn't anxious at all, until the morning when instead of it being a 10min drive from our guest house we got completely lost and it took us over an hour, which made us an hour late, so as you can imagine I was really tensed and anxious. When I got there everyone was so nice so I felt a lot better. Everything seemed to happen so quick that I didn't really get a chance to think about it, it was a bit exciting as well. I'd even slept really well the night before. Although my advise is to try not to sleep much the night before so you get really tired. It was time to go to the operating theatre, and when you walk in, loads of people are standing around, and then all of a sudden everyone is upon you doing things to get you ready, you almost feel like a condemned man....ha ha. I asked if they were going to put an injection near my eye as that freaked me out a little, and they said yes, but I wouldn't feel it. The first injection, which I cant remember where it went, but I think it was in my hand, well that was it, I cant remember anything else till it was over, I didn't even feel the injection. They said I talked a little but not much and apparently I was really quite which was unusual for me. he said you can get up know, which was amazing

There is absolutely NOTHING to be scared of, it was actually a breeze, you feel a little groggy, but it doesn't last for long, they gave me a biccie cause you don't eat from around 10pm the day before.
The staff and everyone and I mean everyone were fantastic, and they cant do enough for you, make you feel really comfortable and you have a delicious lunch as much tea as you want and an excellent supper.
I didn't really feel that much discomfort in the night, maybe just a little, but bearable, more of a headache, I think it was because of the band around your head which is quite tight, so it makes you feel hot as well, but they give you pain killers every 4 hours if you want them, which I did. BUT I couldn't sleep at all, maybe a couple of hours as you have to sleep more or less upright and not moving much, so I watched TV all night and morning and played on my Ipad. Which is why I said try to get yourself as tired as possible.
I wore a light bandage to go home over my head and chin as I forgot to take a scarf, but it was fine as we were in the car.
I have been home now for quite a few hours and I feel fantastic, I'm in no pain, and at the moment hardly any bruising, but I do know it could come out later. I did take arnica pills 2 months before, and I do have the cream as well, also they give you loads of stuff to take home.

In my short experience I am so happy that I chose to come to "me cosmetics" I had my upper eyes done last year with someone else as I didn't know about Philip Guest then, but I really wished I had of done, he is so nice and makes you feel completely at ease.

If you are thinking of doing this procedure and you have thought about it for a long time, just do it, you will not regret it, from what I can see his work is fantastic, and as I said, it's a breeze.

Anyway I will you posted.
Denize x

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Re: Wonderful Experience

Postby Bertie » Sun Nov 16, 2014 9:02 pm

I was probably in on the same weekend as Denize - I had an AMFL and lower bletharoplasty 8 days ago and I am thrilled to bits with the results at this point (see my comments on the AMFL / bletharoplasty section).

I just wanted to echo her comments about the initial experience, as hers seems very akin to mine.

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