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8 Hours after AMF & blepharoplasty

Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2016 8:13 pm
by JSB
I had the surgery at 9am this morning. As others have posted, i saw Mr Guest and Dr Sasada beforehand and was taken into the theatre which had other nurses in there preparing. I was helped into position on the bed and Dr Sasada inserted a cannula into my hand, I began to feel a tad woosey and remember saying so, but remember nothing else till it was all over. The nurse was putting a head bandage on me, it is firm, but not over tight, I feel happier that I have it on to protect everything at this stage. I still felt a bit odd (drunk), and was escorted back to my room. No pain at this stage. I was given some eye pads and ice to apply to my eyes and used them. I think this helped as they certainly looked a bit better after a couple of hours. They are both bruised, but one more so than the other. My lower face does not really hurt except when I try and eat, drinking is ok. I managed to squeeze some jelly in with a teaspoon and just swallow it whole! I have mostly been lying still listening to radio or dozing. I have had 2 lots of paracetamol so far and have not needed anything else yet....... Eyes feel a bit tired and I had to stop and rest them part way through writing this as they got a bit blurred. Can't really tell at this stage what the results will be, but will post again........ Also as my glasses were far too wide anyway I have managed to rest them on, over the bandage, which is useful.