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14 weeks after AMF and blepharoplasty

For patients who have had (or are considering) eyelid surgery at the same time as their Advanced Mini Facelift.
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14 weeks after AMF and blepharoplasty

Postby Sharona » Wed Nov 18, 2015 6:13 pm

I am 45 yrs but my face and eyes had not worn well to much sun in my earlier years and a stressful job . I had my AMF and upper eye lids blepharoplasty aprox 14 to 15 weeks ago with Mr Guest .
I am absolutely thrilled with everything from the Initial contact with Heather to the actual treatment at the spire and my aftercare all absolutely exceeding my expectations .
In my opinion the money I spent on this was a great investment and I feel so lucky to have had Mr Guest and Mr Sasada perform this procedure .
I would not hesitate to recommend their expertise and professionalism . A few of my close friends know about the surgery and were absolutely amazed at how normal I looked the day I left the spire . My hair is a bob so covered the stitches and I just wore large sunglasses for two weeks .
I experienced no pain just a mild discomfort but I needed no pain killers .
I think having time to relax after and time to keep your wounds clean is important and a calm nature .
14 weeks on I don't believe you can hardly see a scar it's absolutely amazing how easily I have heeled but I have a new refreshed un saggy jowl open eyes and the upper eyelid scar totally invisible.
No need to be paying for heaps of filler to hold my cheeks up ( this is a saving in its self !)
I will defiantly be visiting Mr Guest and Mr Sasada in later Years to help me keep looking my best . He is a amazing Surgeon with great skill and a caring man and Mr Sasada is a great Anaesthetist too whom you can have great confidence in during your procedure .
I am a delighted customer and certainly happy to give my recommendations .

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Re: 14 weeks after AMF and blepharoplasty

Postby janey » Fri Sep 16, 2016 4:11 pm

Hi I am having my AMF next week and feeling very positive, but after reading negative reviews on the forum I am getting extremely worried remarks saying jowliing came back not being long lasting, looking for reasureance from other ladies who have been through this procedure with a good outcome many thanks janey

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