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Day 18 - update and very happy

For patients who have had (or are considering) eyelid surgery at the same time as their Advanced Mini Facelift.
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Day 18 - update and very happy

Postby Bertie » Wed Nov 26, 2014 10:40 am

I had an AMFL and lower blepharoplasty 18 days ago and so far can say this has exceeded all my expectations.

By the time my AMFL stiches came out (day 11) all the swelling had subsided and I merely had some slight bruising left at the side of my cheeks, which was easily hidden by my hair. By day 14 all gone.

My AMFL is a work of art! The scars are pink but easily disguised and I am hoping the scars behind the ears (redder) will settle. My jowls are gone, my jawline is tight and my neck is much improved. I look 'refreshed' as opposed to having had work done and comments on my appearance are 'you look well.' Exactly what I wanted to achieve.

My eyes are better than expected as I was warned the puffiness on the cheek bones as opposed to immediately under the eyes cannot really be helped. None the less all look better.

One of my stitches behind the right ear had split and that has taken a bit more time to settle. Mr Guest commented that he wasn't yet entirely happy with it's look, so in six months if it is not perfect, he'll do a simple revision on the scar (no extra cost). As I have spent very little time in my life looking behind my ears I will cross this bridge when we get there. But at the moment regard a potentially crinkled scar (should it come to that) behind my ear as a relatively small offset against the overall effect.

The very weird numb sensation at the side of my face and ears is improving. I really wasn't prepared for how odd it feels to use a phone up against numb ears!

The other thing I didn't pay enough attention to was - get your hair dyed / permed (if you go in for this) just ahead of your op. You cannot dye / perm your hair for 6 weeks after. I badly misjudged this and while I have a delightfully improved face, now have appalling roots which I won't be able to address for another three weeks. Of course this is trivial, but as having a face lift is an exercise in vanity (let's face it, it is), then topping a new look with seriously 'bad hair' during Christmas 'do' season is not my ideal. And had I just paid more attention earlier, I would have done something about it.

Good luck to any of you considering this!

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