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Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2013 4:41 pm
by tez
Had the eye stitches out on Wed along with a few in front of my ears. Can't lie - did hurt a bit. Strange sensation especially around the eyes. Left a long red mark on one eye but not that noticeable when my eyes are open. the rest come out next week.

I'm glad that I have a pair of glasses. Usually only wear them for watching TV but they're photo/light sensitive so can double as sunglasses. So glad I have these as they cover most of this so I'd recommend this for the early stages as it does mean I can go out for coffee and shopping without looking obviously odd. Mind you, I did go round to see an old friend who (thank heavens) was very preoccupied with his computer so didn't pay that much attention to me (and I was wearing my glasses which he did remark on) and he didn't notice anything - except the glasses!
I think we can tend to be far more critical than others may be - probably why we go through this in the first place but I do hope all this settles down soon.

Have to say that now the swelling is settling down a bit, I'm rather up and down about my new look. It was easier in the first swollen week as I know I didn't know what I was going to look like and seeing the jowls gone and noticing how different it felt when I spoke with that extra flesh gone was so good. Now I'm returning to some sort of normal but my face and eyes are still a bit swollen and odd looking. I know it's only been 12 days so still very early in my recovery and perhaps I should expect to still look rather swollen and out of balance.

The plus of having stitches removed in two stages is I shall be able to chat to Mr Guest next week as I'm feeling the need for some reassurance that all's going to plan...and come to think of it whenever I've damaged myself muscle or flesh-wise, cuts and bruises take a good while to heal and settle down so I've really answered much of my concern.

I am finding it progressively harder to sleep on several pillows - how come it was so easy at first?! Now, even tho I arrange them and get myself comfy, feel wedged at the foot of the bed to keep myself in place, I wake up slouched diagonally on my bed, still on my back but closer to horizontal than the 30-45% I've been aiming for. This of course could account for the swelling being slower to go so I shall persevere.
Also, there is an odd lumpiness under my left eye that does look rather strange and unnatural - hopefully that will sort itself out too.

As has been mentioned by others, this is a far bigger operation than it seems - I'm still really wiped out and feeling quite odd and not myself. Part of this could of course be coming to terms with this change of face but part will no doubt be due to having surgery. Hard to tell but I would suggest for anyone considering this to allow for a couple of weeks to take things easy and readjust to your new self...and be prepared to be emotional and rather more up and down than usual - can you prepare for That!!?...perhaps make sure you've got some mates you can phone and moan to.

The biggest and best part of this for me is losing the fat around the sides of my mouth. I'd been noticing a thickness developing which I guess is sagging and jowls. It's a 'feel' thing as much as or even more than a look thing (not even too sure that I've come to terms with my new look yet - perhaps because I'm still rather swollen and the eyes are taking time to settle). But even the thought of this makes me smile and smiling seems more of a pleasure; I really like that tightness and wasn't expecting that. Most hard to explain. But a Really great bonus.

Tip 1 - if you have questions for Mr Guest on your stitch removal visits, Write them down. You won't have much time as he is very busy and if, like me, you've been mostly on your own for a week, the hospital visit may seem quite challenging so Be Prepared and Take it Easy.

Tip 2 - Oh and for the op, if you have long hair do take a scrunchie (is that what they're called?!) as Mr Guest said did I have anything to tie my hair back ... and I didn't and all the team had was a large rubber band - best take a scrunchie I think!

And if anyone wants to get in touch please mail me.

Will post again in a week or so to report on progress.

Best Wishes everyone.