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For patients who have had (or are considering) eyelid surgery at the same time as their Advanced Mini Facelift.
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Postby tez » Tue Jan 29, 2013 12:40 pm

Hi. All done. Here's my story. I'm a bit vague about details but here's what I do remember.
Arrived 8ish at the Spire and taken straight to room. Rather pleasant view over the carpark as it was snowing. Unpacked the little I'd brought - kindle, dressing gown, phone, slippers, sweets! Can't remember the order of visitors - probably a nurse with gown and DVT socks (wore those for a few days at home), most helpful and chatty menu lady - chose soup and scrambled egg and thought 'roll on post op'! And of course Mr Guest who sat on the bed to draw lines on my face - dontcha love the smell of magic marker.
Eventually worked out how to use the TV - the control was a little slow and temperamental (possibly needed new batteries?)...or I could just have been being my usual impatient self...and new place and nervous and all that!

Not long before I was walked off to surgery. Oh yes, the other visit was the anaesthetist - lovely young man in green...asked a few questions and put me at my ease...there was also another young woman in green and one in white - all most friendly and charming. the table looked quite small and I guess I looked confused as Mr Guest said 'that's where your head goes' pointing to this sort of oval indent. so I lay down and Miss Green put a very cold blue pack on my leg - probably to monitor my vitals. Artie Shaw was playing (no...really...Mr Guest had a compilation given to him by his son) and even before the cannula went in I was feeling secure and believing I was in very safe hands.
Oh that anaesthetic. My My!! 2 G&Ts??? I don't think so - far better than that. So I was in happy land for my tabletime - the bit I was actually awake for. No idea What I talked about but I do know I talked. Now skip this bit if you're atall squeamish because at one point I remember feeling a sensation (no No pain) on my face and asked - 'is that you cutting my skin?' as I felt a vague sensation and heard a sound like cutting through fine fabric. 'Yes' he said.
Then it was all done and time for the magic potion to be switched off. Ah well...all good things!
And I was wheeled away by Miss White to my room.

I did have a bit of a comedown from the anaesth - hardly surprising actually. but the painkillers are strong and I had no pain atall. Used iced pads most of the rest of the day. Didn't sleep tho. Every time I fell in that direction I either bounced back up again or the sound of a door closing brought me round.

Now the doors is something I have to mention. Drove me mad. Fire doors and mostly left to close on their own and next door there must have been someone in a bad way as there were many flurries of coming and going, each entrance and exit marked by the sound of the fire door heavily shutting - I know, I was sensitive and how could I be so selfish, but that was my experience. I mentioned it to a nurse, asking if there was any chance of them closing the doors just a little more quietly to which she replied, 'well, it is a hospital and there are sick people here'.....ok I thought...I shan't mention it again. But for those of you who are expecting peace and quiet do bear in mind it may not be quite as quiet as you'd expect.

The food is really good. Go for the soup - it's lovely and easy to eat. And go for anything else you can get through the small opening that passes for a mouth and that you fancy.
I got a snack from the night nurse - biscuits and tea - oh Heaven! Especially as I wasn't sleeping so it was quite a long night.

Drains came out easy. Thanks to reading the possible fleeting pain mentioned, I took deep breaths and relaxed (my jaw muscles) as much as I could. Easy - perhaps I was lucky - perhaps it helped balance out the challenge of the doors.
Oh, I couldn't find any shampoo so was glad I took my own. borrowed a hairdryer.
They do like to get you out by 10 - one of the nurses asked if I could not take Too long as they needed the room at 11 - so best to know ... and I didn't consider that. After all it is a service and they do need a tidy turn-around and time to clean the room.

Still feel quite wiped out from the operation. First day I opened the door to the outside world - postman with parcel. It's taken an hour for my eyesight to settle down, couldn't see properly probably because I wasn't used to the strength of daylight.
Face is still quite swollen and my lips aren't quite so full as normal I guess because of swelling and the muscles aren't working properly so I'm a bit lop-sided. Great line of stitches. Needed some careful bathing to remove the remains of the magic-marker lines.
Managing to sleep on pillows (well, not sleep well, but doze a lot)
Great-looking chin!
Finally off painkillers and bowels now back to normal.

I'll post as my face settles down and let you know how it's all going.


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Postby 24stelmo » Wed Jan 30, 2013 12:24 am

Hi Tez
I'm glad it went well. It's great to hear of your experience. Please do let us hear more of how you get on.

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