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AFL and bleph booked in for December. Advice please

For patients who have had (or are considering) eyelid surgery at the same time as their Advanced Mini Facelift.
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AFL and bleph booked in for December. Advice please

Postby tez » Wed Nov 14, 2012 12:44 pm

I've decided to take the plunge and am booked in early Dec with Mr Guest for advanced facelift and a quad(upper and lower) bleph. I've hardly told a soul and don't know anyone who's gone through this procedure - and to tell the truth, I think even if I did, and could chat to them, I'd still be more than a little apprehensive. I live alone and am assuming I shall be able to see just enough to cook up frozen soup and porridge on the following evening.
I guess the healtime is different for everyone but I am hoping that I'll be able to see Strictly, come Saturday!!
More to the point, can anyone come back to me with their experience regarding eyesight returning to useful normal. I have some close work I need to finish. Am I likely to be able to see well enough by the weekend for short focus work?
Any suggs for best concealer...I still have to buy some biiiiig sunglasses!
And I almost always wear hair off face. Looks like that's not a great idea visually long? I'm guessing at least 3 weeks. Again, I'd love to know how any of you coped.
And sleeping sort of sitting up?!...again for how long? and what happens if I roll over in my sleep and wake to find myself lying flat on my side?!
And what did you all find to do for that time you couldn't see, couldn't eat...anyone tried in ear earphones or did you all sleep and listen to Radio stories.
I am feeling a touch wussy about this but really appreciate this forum being here as it really is helpful to read your experiences.
In the hope that someone replies
....but even if not, it's been good for me to just post this
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Re: AFL and bleph booked in for December. Advice please

Postby dlhoward » Thu Nov 15, 2012 12:46 am

Hi, I had AMF and upper bleph last Aug. This aug I had lower bleph with lateral brow but with a different surgeon, not because dr guest isn't good just closer to home. I live in Manchester. I went to see Douglas McGeorge unbelievably good surgeon.
I'm not sure what a quad bleph is? All I can say is with the first op I returned to work within 2 weeks.Its quite shocking how quickly you heal. Eyesight is difficult for the first few days because the ointment they ask you to put in to avoid infection makes your eyes blurry and the swelling is pretty bad for at least first 4-5 days.
Best concealer I found was teosyal - high coverage correction foundation - sometimes you can get a small sample as its used after bruising for fillers or buy online. It omes in a four shade pack which is a little irritating as I only used the 2 lighter ones.
Sleeping upright is a bit of a nightmare best thing is to buy one of those soft travel neck rests and lots of pillows, wrapping a soft blanket around your neck can also work.
One of the things they don't tell you about is the importance of facial lymphatic massage.Particularly with mini face lift a lot of the lymp drainage in the face is impaired. Go on youtube and check out self lymph drainage massage by massagebyheather. This is fabulous and relieves alot of the pressure thats built up also really good is Yuroll (jade roller) it just helps move fluid, also use alot of cold compresses for the first few days and take it really easy.
I'm 45 and some one asked me for my ID at the co-op last week as there drinks policy is 25 and over, so it is all worth it. Any more questions look at my posts 3 days after AMFL and lower bleph I think (dlhoward) or send me a quick email on as I don't go on this that often. Dawn
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Re: AFL and bleph booked in for December. Advice please

Postby JackieN » Thu Nov 22, 2012 5:37 pm

It is obviously a different experience for everyone but I had the AMF and upper and lower bleph done in June on a Saturday morning and by Sunday morning could read a book with relative ease (if you have a Kindle you might want to make the font size bigger), though I don't think I could have done any embroidery with any great success. If you need glasses for close work you might need to be careful putting them on for a few days. I think I slept most of Saturday afternoon and night so finding something to do wasn't a problem. Don't forget a plastic bag to put the drainage bottles in when you go to the loo.
Until you have the eye stitches out, sunglasses are a must and a scarf is a good idea for a week or so - though it depends on the bruising - my neck looked like I'd been strangled. Lucky for you it'll be December so scarves and hats are the norm.
For sleeping, put pillows around you or get one of those big v-shaped ones to stop you rolling over.
I can remember thinking as I checked into the Spire that I must be completely mental but I haven't regretted it at all.
You will be fine, the staff are lovely and Mr Guest is so reassuring.
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Re: AFL and bleph booked in for December. Advice please

Postby tez » Sat Nov 24, 2012 4:02 pm

Thanks so much for posting - and all really good advice - never would have thought of bag for drain bottles!! And Great to hear I may be able to read quite early on!...and I do have a Kindle.
And to get two replies has cheered me up as well.

I had another consult with Mr Guest - I was losing my nerve about having my eyes done - especially the lower bleph. I had been reading rather a lot on the net and scaring myself!! Decided to go ahead anyway! He's so charming and easy to talk to that I'm not Really sure I actually took in all that he said and probably didn't actually follow all my questions through.

I'm in 11 days from now. Yikes!! I think I'm likely to want to post, post op so if any of you are having anything done this December and you want to compare or more likely just natter about the whole process, please do get in touch.

Still haven't got sunglasses (apart from my usual ones)- those big ones sit right on my cheeks and do that riding up thing when I smile so am still checking out various styles. And am planning on staying home probably All the first week - but being a bit of a rebel, I shall probably go out just to be contrary. It is a venture into the unknown and I guess I'm likely to miss my old face now and again.
I read arnica 30 is good to take (tho reports do differ). And do those large V-shaped pillows actually help? Is a pillow wedge a good idea? I've found a thermal throw rolled up in a sausage shape might just help my neck at night....(thanks Dawn for that idea)
Oh and I'm having my hair coloured two days before - I guess that's ok and so long as they shampoo the sides thoroughly...
Best keep myself occupied or I'll just start wondering and worrying.
Off to shop for Nigella fudge-making ingredients.
Will probably post nearer the day

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