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For patients who have had (or are considering) eyelid surgery at the same time as their Advanced Mini Facelift.
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Postby dawnbatey » Sat Sep 15, 2012 4:58 pm

Quite soon after my cosmetic surgery I was encouraged to write about my experience on the forum, but I decided to wait until at least a year had passed and possibly all changes to my face had happened and then I would write about my experiences from the beginning. I am 5ft 2ins, 65, and weigh 8st 4lbs. and come from Margate. I have no fat under my chin, but have a lower wrinkly neck. I decided not to have a full face and neck lift not for financial reasons but because I ALWAYS wear my hair up and didn’t want scars from a neck lift showing behind my ears.

I decided on Mr.Guest and a AMF firstly because of the literature saying that there was less risk of damage to the facial nerves, and also because I wanted to see someone who had had an AMF (to check behind the ears ) and of course the positive feedback from the forum. I had a consultation with Mr Guest and found him to be extremely likeable. I thoroughly explained to him that the most important thing for me was my wearing my thin hair up and that was why I didn’t want a full face lift and neck lift. I stressed that the stitches must be close to the ear. He said he fully understood. He took some photos of me and later said that I would benefit from eyes top and bottom and a platysmal plication.

I decided to go ahead after I had seen Mr Guest again, reiterating about wearing my hair up. He reassured me by saying that I could see a lady who had had a AMF and was having her stitches out. He laughed as I looked behind her earlobes.

I paid the extra money for a quicker appointment and the date 02/04/2011 was agreed. I was told that I could choose which 2 hour slot that I wanted. I chose the 12.00 slot.
The night before my husband and I stayed at a very nice bed and breakfast nearby.
In the morning a very pleasant Mr Sasada came, asked about my health and said that as I was having more procedures done I would be longer in theatre. I told him that I had had lots of minor proceedings and had never had any problems with any anaesthesia, and had no fear of hospitals.

Just after 12.00 Mr Geese came and said they were running late and he very quickly measured and drew the lines for the AMF. I asked why wasn’t he going to draw the lines on my eyelids and chin for the plication. He said that he didn’t have time but would do it “later” in theatre. I asked again what would be the length of the plication scar. He asked if I had read the brochure. I replied that I had read the information that had been sent to me but it said a “small incision” but how small is small? His words were “ Don’t worry you won’t be able to see the scar because I do it in a crest shape in the natural creases that everyone has under the chin“. I felt reassured.

At exactly 12.22 a very pleasant nurse came and said Mr Guest was ready for me. She didn’t hurry me and I used the toilet before going down to the theatre. When I arrived at the theatre Mr Sarconi was already there and Mr Guest came approx 4 mins later. I say approx because I had to guess the length of time. I hardly had time to even acknowledge Mr Guest’s arrival before Mr Sasada gave the sedation and I was asleep.

I felt absolutely nothing at all. I “woke up” suddenly and was very wide awake. Mr Sasada was pushing me very quickly in a wheelchair, with the nurses at the side, to my room and then he was gone. My husband was amazed at the speed and made the comment to me, saying “Why didn’t he just tip you on the bed seeing as he was in such a hurry. “I looked at the time . It was 13.51 I went to the bathroom mirror and the swelling and bruising was what I expected. But I was horrified at the length of the plication cut. ( When I got home I measured it. It was exactly 3 inches and uneven) I looked with a mirror to see behind my ears and knew I wouldn’t be able to wear my hair up again.

06/04/11. I went to Bristol to have the first few stitches out. On the 13/04/11. I went to Bristol again to have the rest of stitches out . I commented about the eye lid not being a good look. Mr Guest said he would do it again but give it time.

Very soon (before any scarring took place,) all the stitch marks showed. I liken it to a railroad track or zip.

The clinic made an appointment for me to see Mr Guest with a view to redoing my eyelid . Mr Guest agreed to redo it.. He looked at the plication scar and said that it needed revision surgery. While I was there I said that although I knew that nothing now could be done about the scars behind my ears I was disappointed that they were not close to the ear. He replied that I should expect scarring. I replied that this was discussed in detail and it wasn’t what he showed me.

The date of 13/04/12 was agreed for the eyelid and plication being done. I received a letter confirming my appointment and it said that my procedure would last approximately one hour. I met Mr Guest and the very first thing he said was that he was running very late. He marked my eye lid and we discussed the plication scar. I asked if he knew why all the stitching looked like rail tracks, and asked if it could have come about through the speed he had done all the procedures. He said he didn’t know why it had happened, but the time taken for all the procedures was the correct time. As there seemed to been no explanation for this happening and as it had happened with all the stitching, I decided not to have the plication done again as I didn’t feel at all confident..

Lastly about the AMF itself. Straight away after the AMF I had a lot of discolouration of the skin and two very red, purple lines down each side of my face. It was very strange and I couldn’t cover them with makeup. I massaged most evenings and it took approx a year for it to be acceptable. Luckily I have a freckle type of skin.

For the first 3 months I thought the AMF looked excellent but at approx 4 months then over the last year it gradually dropped. How is it now after 16 months? The AMF is extremely subtle. If I lift my face with my fingers I can lift it without it looking stretched.

If anyone reading this posting has any questions you can email me at

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