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cream that removes stitch puncture holes after upper bleph

Posted: Tue Jul 17, 2012 10:34 pm
by dlhoward
Hi everyone, after my upper bleph I had small puncture holes where the stitches had been, You couldn't see them with my eyes shut and hardly noticeable with makeup but quite annoyingly there when not. Even worse the tiny holes had filled up with makeup making them look like small black marks. I had facials and everything - nothing budged them. Then I was recommended a 'magic' cream, for the remaining crepeiness and fine lines - its called airol 0.05% . Its active ingrediant is tretinoin.
I can hardly believe it but after 4 times of using this cream the holes have gone! Also my skin is looking much better and it wasn't even that expensive £30. I understand you need a presecription for it,my present surgeon who'sdoing my lower bleph got it , but girls if you can get it - get it. Read upon how to apply though because if over used it can cause problems-but wow- I am impressed!