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AMF and blepharoplasty

For patients who have had (or are considering) eyelid surgery at the same time as their Advanced Mini Facelift.
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AMF and blepharoplasty

Postby tarquin » Wed Mar 07, 2012 2:50 pm

14 days since surgery. Off to Bristol shortly to have my stitches removed! There is discomfort behind my ears which look a little angry, hoping that it's just irritated and will calm down when the stitches are out. Eyes a lot better, a little bruising under one of the eyes but easy to conceal if i had too. Trying not to wear any make up and when at home I keep my hair up and make up free. Dinner tomorrow with people who don't know and hopefully won't know that I've had surgery. For that I will have to leave my hair down and try not to fiddle. Will keep you informed.
Hope these posts have been helpful to those who have just had this procedure done and or those who may be thinking of going ahead with it. It's a weird thing to have done and certainly should be done for no one else other than oneself. It's not going to change your age or how you are internally but it does improve ones confidence and makes one look fresher and more more vibrant.

Have had the stitches removed, celebrations! a little stingy but fine. The nurse was lovely as they all have been. Saw Mr Guest who was pleased, as I am too. There is still swelling to go down and he said it will probably take 3 months for everything to get back to normal but it looks good now. The incisions are a bit red but in the next few days iIm sure they will calm down. Have bought Vitamin E oil which I'm applying a few times day. Will start exercising in a week. Not due to see Mr Guest for 6 weeks.
I won't be blogging again for a few weeks. If anyone wishes to get hold of me to ask whatever, then my e mail:

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