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AMF and blepharoplasty

Posted: Mon Feb 27, 2012 5:05 pm
by tarquin
Day 5:i Had this these procedures last Wednesday and i have to say i'm still very sore particularly around the ears and ear lobes which are still quite swollen and painful inside the ear too. I officially look like ET!
My eyes are still very bruised (look like a panda too!) and and my vision is in parred partly due to the solution i'm applying. I've been absolutely exhausted therefore been in bed and snoozing most of the time. My idea of going back to work part time at the end of the week would be impossible, maybe i 've just underestimated the invasive nature of this procedure. Would like to know if anyone else has been having a similar post op recovery. Having stitches out next Wednesday on my eyes and the rest the following week.
it's early days i know----Looking forward to hearing from someone.

Re: AMF and blepharoplasty

Posted: Mon Feb 27, 2012 7:14 pm
by Mrs B
Day 3 - just like you tucked up in bed swollen and sore. I had a rhinoplasty as well as the AMF so thought that might be why I feel so puffed up and sore! stitches behind my right ear are painful and I feel like I have a cold. I was told at the hospital that I would feel like this so Im not concerned at is invasive surgery and some poeple must heal quicker than others! I have two weeks off work so hope that's enough! I have had surgery before and I think it's when the stitchs are taken out you feel like getting back to normal. It's feet up and lots of rest for us I'm afraid, just think of the result!!

Re: AMF and blepharoplasty

Posted: Mon Feb 27, 2012 8:08 pm
by tarquin
Good to hear from you . Amazing that you had your nose done too. I didn't really read to much about the post op time as I thought that might put me off. I've also been taking arnica which I'm still taking. I ordered it from ainsworth homeopathic chemist in London if your interested.They have another post op remedy which I will order tomorrow. Sure it all helps. Anyway I'm going to have to put a paper bag over my head and go to tescos tomorrow. I find it difficult to sleep propped up on 5,000 pillows! Oh well so much for vanity! keep in touch.
Take care.

Re: AMF and blepharoplasty

Posted: Tue Feb 28, 2012 9:43 am
by tarquin
Day 6. Slept better last night and face though feeling very tight , I look less like ET ! Ears still quite uncomfortable. Eyes also bleary but off to boots to buy the counters of eye solutions. So looking forward to seeing Mr guest and have some of my stitches removed tomorrow. Having to now walk the dogs which is challenging. Yesterday chose the Mendips which thankfully was under thick fog ! Did not feel brilliant and ended up back in bed lying comatose for a few hours. Husband at work, kids farmed out and friends in the area don't know.
Anyone who asks why i look like a panda, just going to say that I had a horse accident ! Well enough of this rambling, hope everyone whose had it done in the last week are feeling better and anyone who reads this and thinking about this action, please plan carefully and it always takes longer than explained but I'm sure that its worth it!

Well, just came back from an exciting visit to Boots and Tescos. Hid my wounds behind a hair band and very dark and very large sunglasses, I looked very 'Hollywood' I think? . I slowly walked up and down the isles , I say slowly because I couldn't see anything with the sun glasses on, it was too dark. Luckily, I didn't bump into anyone nor anyone i knew. Really happy to be back home and just about to have a rest, how sad am I. PS: Eyes I noticed look like a 'impressionist ' painting, colors are amazing!

PM: ABsolutly exhausted obviously shopping trip and cooking evening meal too much. Eyes really bothering me so a bit worried. Optrix didn't do the trick. Will vedge out now and have an early night. Really looking forward to seeing Mr Guest tomorrow.