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AMF and upper & lower Blepharoplasty 9 Weeks on.

For patients who have had (or are considering) eyelid surgery at the same time as their Advanced Mini Facelift.
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AMF and upper & lower Blepharoplasty 9 Weeks on.

Postby Fenella » Wed Dec 08, 2010 10:45 pm

This time last year I had just found "ME" on line. Happily one year on and 9 weeks post op, I am delighted with the results. Subtle but SO improved!
I found the whole procedure excellent throughout. Over the past few years I have seen other consultants, but never felt comfortable enough to commit myself. However with Mr. Guest I felt confident and eager to proceed. My gut feeling was a good one, as I have not been disappointed!
The care at the Spire Hospital was really good. To-gether with this and being in the expert hands of Mr. Guest and Dr. Sasada I felt totally relaxed and even a little pampered.
My op only took 2hrs and felt like 20 mins with the sedation. On return to my room I felt quite sore, but a couple of paracetamol was all that I needed. I did look terrible though, like a lopsided pumpkin with black eyes. I slept off and on that night my eyes glazed with the ointment used. I was pleased to have the drains removed next morning and enjoy a refreshing shower.
That evening back at the Premier Inn, where I was staying I was happy to dine in the restaurant, complete with sunglasses of course!
On day 6 I had the stitches removed from my eyelids and a week later from the facial area. My eyes looked really good, they just needed some makeup to cover the evidence. The facial scars will take time to fade, but they had healed perfectly.
The best advice I can give, is to be aware that in the early days the swelling and even the bruising comes and goes, It can be a bit worrying, when you think it's gone, only to return next day! Apparently it depends on how active you are. So whenever possible just relax, rest, help your body to heal and follow the instructions given. Invest in a V shaped pillow to help you sleep upright-it really keeps the swelling down!

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