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Just had mini face lift

Discussion about the standard mini facelift procedure. We no longer perform this procedure.
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Just had mini face lift

Postby DeeParker » Thu Sep 02, 2010 7:44 pm

Had the mini face lift on 21st Aug 2010. This operation was completely pain free except for when I had drains removed from my neck the next morning - stung a bit. I had my stitches out today (2nd Sept) and still can't believe how little pain has been involved. The bathing and applying of a vasaline cream 4 times a day to stitches is a bother but it's little to pay for a great face! I now have a very neat jaw line and seem to have lost a few other lines along the way too! All looks good. Oh yes, I did pick up an infection which caused my right cheek to swell up (happened 2 days out of hospital) Mr Guest gave me anti biotics and now it's gone; it didn't hurt (was just a bit distressing). Don't let things like that put you off - you're in safe hands. Final note, Mr Guest is very down to earth, reassuring and approachable, which is a great comfort when faced with the unknown. Kate (admin at Me) is also very helpful indeed and generally I couldn't fault the team. Would do it all again for sure!!

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