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Things To Consider

Comments and discussion about the Advanced Mini Facelift.
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Things To Consider

Postby dee48 » Sat May 20, 2017 2:01 pm

I am 48 years old and I had my AMF 15 days ago now on May 5 2017. Mr Guest described me as having minimal jowling and the few people who I spoke to about having any cosmetic work said I was mad. Even Heather on the day of my procedure when we met said ‘you don’t need it’. However I did have some jowling and when I looked in the mirror I no longer had a clean sharp jaw line. I have a rather square jaw so I felt that the jowling that I did have made it appear heavier than it already was. I also preferred to have something done sooner rather than later from the perspective that at 48yrs my skin will have more elasticity than when I am 55 and a greater capacity to heal.

So 15 days post op and I am very pleased with my new defined jaw. The AMF for me has done exactly what it promises to do. I look refreshed. Also I feel my skin looks better as you would expect from the redraping, my neck slightly tighter and it seems to have reduced my crows feet (which I really didn’t have much of) and I feel it has opened my eyes slightly more.
So I am not going to use this forum to detail my healing process and procedure as much of it I would say is the same as those who have contributed to this forum before me. But I did want to comment on a few things that I thought might be helpful for anyone considering this procedure and that I wasn’t aware of going into it.

Retrospectively, I think I would have done a bit more research about the type of stitches I had. I believe Mr Guest uses dissolvable now for all his AMF procedures. I understand this is because a lot of his patients like me will travel great distance 2hrs and using dissolvable means that unless there are any concerns there is no need to return for a follow up appointment or to have them removed. There is mixed feedback on which heals better and leaves the least amount of scarring. Some cosmetic surgeons will not use dissolvable on the face as they feel a better result is achieved with removable. This is something that I didn’t discuss with Mr Guest and I would be interested in his opinion. I also appreciate that a lot of people may not want their GP to know they have had an AMF, I certainly didn’t. And I wouldn’t have wanted to book in with the nurse at my local practice to have the stitches removed. So certainly from a convenience perspective I can understand that dissolvable means that if all is healing well there is no need for a follow up. But I certainly wouldn’t have a problem booking myself into my local Spire hospital as in respect to the cost of the procedure I would be happy to pay £50/100 to have them removed. Finally my dissolvable stitches are still quite visible at 15 days. Certain areas have healed faster than others and I also have small knots and stitch ends visible which have to be allowed to fall off on their own. Also looking at the photos in the Face Lift Bible which is free to download and contains four individual womens complete accounts along with photos of their AMF their wounds appear to be much more scab free than mine are at this point. I am ready to be free of these stitches and looking at them I predict that these scabs will probably take a further week before they fall off. Of course we all heal differently so somebody else’s experience may be quite different to my own. So my conclusion is I would look into this further and definitely discuss with Mr Guest and decide together which the best option for you is.

I would also like to comment on eating after the AMF. For the first four days or so I stuck to soft foods but by the end of the first week I would say I was eating normally for the most part. By day 8 and 9 the right side of my jaw was feeling particularly tender and by day 11 / 12 I had shooting pain on my right side which was only when I opened my mouth too wide and ate anything too crunchy/chewy or too big a mouthful. So long as I wasn’t excessively using my jaw there was no pain. I spoke to Heather about it and we agreed to speak the following week. She wasn’t overly concerned and suggested an element of it should be for the most part eating as normal. That evening I sat at the dinner table with my family looking forward to tucking into a homemade burger and ended up having to cut it up and eat it slowly with a knife and fork. I decided to be led by the pain and I have gone back to softer foods but perhaps most importantly smaller bites. I can do crunchy but only in small amounts. I have thought about this and having broken my leg twice I know when I was healing from that on both occasions it was key to keep my leg movements very limited whilst it healed. It was only six weeks post cast that I could start to slowly engage and reintroduce my leg into its full range of movement. My leg needed time to recover and I have taken the view that so does my jaw. I have not attempted to open wide and think I will give things a bit more time as I’m not ready to experience that pain again and felt it stressed my jaw.

What else, botox and fillers. I have botox twice a year and 1 syringe of filler in my lips. I am due for both of these to be redone and decided I would wait till after my AMF. I can see now that it will probably be a good six weeks post op before I get botox. This is because I normally have my crows feet done and this area is quite tender and still a bit swollen. That said I will probably check with Heather how long is prudent to leave it. My lips should be less of a problem I would have thought but I find lip fillers quite painful. My lips swell up considerably in the first few days so given that there is still residual swelling in my scar area and tenderness the question is how much swelling I want to put myself through and when.

I arranged to stay in a lovely apartment which was less than a five min drive from the Spire in Bristol which I found on Airbnb. My husband and I arrived Thursday evening. I had my AMF at 9am on Friday and we stayed until Sunday afternoon. So two days after the procedure we drove back to London. I was particularly fragile after the op as I never react well to sedation and I had to have three doses of anti sickness post op. I was grateful to have the extra day in the apartment as it was only by Sunday that I stopped feeling queasy. If I were to do it again I think I would have stayed an extra night in the apartment.

I didn’t tell my teenagers daughters I was having the procedure as I didn’t want them to worry while we were away and I also wanted to see if I could get away without telling them. My preference, for now, is that they don’t know as I don’t want to influence them in any future decisions they might make about any cosmetic surgery. But I accept that I might feel differently as time progresses. Amazingly they still don’t know. They are both so busy with their studies and social lives, and I experienced minimum swelling and bruising and I have long hair I have managed to keep it under wraps. My youngest did comment on my face looking different which I passed off as being a bit swollen due to some medication I was taking. If Had had an extra day in the apartment in Bristol I suspect she wouldn’t have noticed at all.

So I hope these observations are helpful for anyone considering this procedure. So far I am very satisfied. I would love to find out how some patients are getting on five years post op but there doesn’t seem to be any feedback on the forum this far down the road.
If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask.

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Re: Things To Consider

Postby janey » Sat Jun 03, 2017 12:47 pm

Hi Dee48, I am 51 and want the AMF to tighten up the jowel area are you still happy with your results,I have just had fibroblast on my eyes to give them a lift google it,its not a cosmetic surgery procedure the results last for three years at the moment my eyes are swollen but will post a reply to let others know how good a lift,look forward to hearing from you thanks janey it gives the eyes

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