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AMF - 8 Days On

Comments and discussion about the Advanced Mini Facelift.
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AMF - 8 Days On

Postby Chrissy*5 » Sun Jul 24, 2016 12:24 pm

I began worrying about my jowls 15 years ago but found it hard to come to terms with the actuality of surgery until recent years, but then wondered if I was too old even to be considering a facelift. I’m 67. A crisis of conscience (a big stumbling block all through): what would my friends and family think about me doing this? I was very hesitant and fearful - what if it went wrong? Were my jowls really so bad? (Answer: Yes. time was passing and they were only getting worse.) Finally, very important: who could I trust to do the job? I saw two consultants at different locations, both times getting as far as booking a surgery date, only to chicken out nearer the time, maybe because there was something about both that I didn’t quite trust. The first had hurried the consultation and tried to persuade me to have my eyes done as well, which I didn’t feel was necessary. The second seemed quite judgemental, he said “you don’t need a facelift”. He obviously didn’t get it. I wanted to say that it has nothing to do with what others think about the way I look; it’s to do with how I feel about myself. Also that I seemed to be developing certain “tics” e.g. covering my lower face with my hands more and more frequently (my partner had already pointed this out), needing to keep up a permanent half-smile in order to hide increasingly obvious marionette lines, and more recently a sort of frequent pursing up of my mouth and chin area in order to do the same. Both previous surgery options involved having a general anaesthetic and I was a bit uncomfortable about that, too. I was aware some operations could be carried out with local anaesthesia and sedation but didn’t know if this was possible with facelift surgery. Then some more research found Me and the AMF. Eureka!

After my initial consultation with Mr Guest I drove home with a big smile on my face. It’s hard to be specific about what made me sure about going ahead this time. Feeling safe in the knowledge of Mr Guest’s training, experience and expertise? His explanation of the procedure? Studying the website and reading about the experiences of patients in the forum? Knowing that ME Cosmetic Medicine was well established? Probably all of it… anyway, it felt right from the start.

I wanted to keep my surgery a secret (not quite sure why! maybe because I didn’t want anyone to try to put me off or leave me with any misgivings at the last moment) and my partner was going to be away for a few days which fitted in perfectly with my plan. I arranged the date accordingly (of course he’d have to know eventually!) Also I’d not told anyone else. The night before the op I was very nervous, everything felt unreal, and not surprisingly I only got about 1.5 hours’ sleep before the 2 hours’ drive to the hospital. I was shown to my room where I started to have panicky thoughts “what am I doing?” then Dr Sasada and Mr Guest came to see me and the panics subsided. I didn’t feel too bad walking to the theatre – by then I’d decided it was too late to do anything but give in to it… and amazingly… the next bit was really good. It sounds odd but I actually enjoyed the operation! Having light sedation was brilliant. A strange word to use to describe it, but true. I felt no pain whatsoever, only an awareness of a series of vibrations along one side of my face then the other – quite pleasant because of the sedation - and it all came to an end too soon! The next thing was one of the nurses fitting me with a head bandage, then I was helped into a wheelchair and returned to my room, where a box of white chocolate shortcake awaited me. I was quite sleepy but able to manage soup and a roll (a bit difficult opening my mouth) and blackcurrant sorbet. In the evening I had cottage pie and crème brulee, very nice. A bit of pain but nothing that couldn’t be managed with paracetamol. Not a great night - mainly because of the head bandage – but I was able to get some sleep. Luckily I had no drains.

The following morning the nurse came in to remove my head bandage which was a great relief, except that it had been on a bit too tight around the neck (I didn’t realise I could have loosened it a little during the night because it had a Velcro fastener) and because of this, I had a bit of a low blood pressure episode and the house doctor visited. All was OK though. I then went to the bathroom and saw my face, which was already noticeably different. Something particularly concerned me - I appeared to have two markedly stretched skin areas – sweeping up from the corners of my mouth across the middle of both cheeks – and I thought “oh no, the dreaded wind tunnel”. I know now that this was because my face was very swollen and my skin therefore overly taut at that stage. I should have taken note of a previous writer in the forum who said DON’T PANIC at the way your face looks in the early stages after surgery - it’s a continually evolving picture. I should have asked Mr Guest about this dragging appearance of the skin when he came to check me over and discharge me, but I didn’t, which was a pity because he could have reassured me and I would have had a better night in the B&B where I’d arranged to go before driving home on Monday.

Once I’d showered and was able to leave the hospital, I got a taxi to my B&B where I spent the rest of that day and night angsting about the possible “wind tunnel”. But I needn’t have worried. Over the next three days or so my face magically rearranged itself…

A week has now passed and I’m delighted with the outcome so far. It’s exactly what I wanted but hardly dared to expect could be achieved – a slightly younger version of me - subtle and natural looking but not too different. Not only have the jowls gone but my neck is significantly improved, which I really wasn’t expecting. There’s still some swelling and numbness down the sides of my face and lower ears but this is reducing daily and I’ve had hardly any bruising. I know it will be several weeks before everything is completely back to normal but I’m well on the way… thank you so much! My partner (amused at my subterfuge) is supportive and very happy with the result, as is my daughter, who I phoned with the news after 5 days. She'd known how I'd been feeling for years and was surprised and delighted I'd finally had the surgery, more so when she saw me!

Do trust Mr Guest and his team.

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