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Advanced mini facelift

Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 9:57 pm
by Breeej
I had for a couple of years been putting a finger below my ear and pushing the skin up to get rid of the jowls that sadly seemed to appear on my jaw line once I turned 50. I had never been one to spend money on lotions and potions which were never going to prevent ageing.I had a mantra for years that I was saving it for a face lift which would yield a result.
When a friend mentioned the advanced mini facelift to me which didn't require a general anaesthetic I immediately said - Count me in! I had been doing a little digging re facelifts but all seemed to require a GA, I wasn't prepared to go under for the sake of vanity!
Not completely believing I would go ahead I put the wheels in motion and as a result had the procedure in November.
To be honest it was a bit more invasive than I expected but that was partially my fault for not reading all the info and forums in too much detail in case I got dissuaded.
I had my hair style and colour changed just prior to the op so if anyone commented I could blame it on the hair.!
I have had several people comment on how well Im looking and on the other side at xmas my 24 yr old son pointed out a cosmetic clinic saying 'there you go mum you always go on about getting your jowls done" Clearly it is a very subtle procedure!
It is so natural and subtle that I am now thinking of getting my eyes done. Its not about looking younger but looking well for my age and I am glad i went ahead.