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Advanced Mini Facelift

Comments and discussion about the Advanced Mini Facelift.
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Advanced Mini Facelift

Postby peggy » Thu Feb 11, 2016 4:21 pm

I had an Advanced Mini Facelift at the beginning of November 2015.
On a whim one day I went on-line to see if such a thing as a mini/tiny/hardly there facelift existed as I had begun to notice a sagging jowl and wrinkly neck situation starting to develop at a quite frankly alarming rate. Once you notice this you just can't stop testing, so I was quite put out to see how old I looked in a pair of sunglasses or even a beanie hat, as they focus all attention on the 'saggy bits', unbelievably ageing. Don't do it, you will want to kill yourself!! I am happy with a few wrinkles around my upper lip and eyes as I am getting older (59 yrs) and am content with that, and didn't and don't want to look 25 again. If you couldn't resist the sunglasses/beanie hat test and failed, this procedure is for you.
I am extremely delighted with the results. All my neck wrinkles have gone, as has the sagging jaw-line, but the small wrinkles just above my lips and lines around my eyes have remained as explained would be the case by Mr Guest. I was concerned that I would look like I had had a face-lift, but was reassured by all the team that this would not be the case, I would just look fresher and good for my age.
None of my friends have noticed except to say how well I look, which is also the case with my family, including my mother who misses nothing. The exception was my daughter (23 yrs and takes after her grand-mother), who caught a glimpse of me in the mirror with my hair up in a band to do my makeup and saw the new, tight, sculptured jaw-line and shrieked you did it!!! (she knew I was researching).
I 'fessed-up' to a close friend that I was considering this procedure and she immediately jumped on board saying if I was doing it she was too as she wouldn't have the guts to do it on her own. I have to admit it was good to have her with me, but I would have done it on my own if she had changed her mind.
The whole team were extremely supportive and attentive at every stage of the procedure and I would have no hesitation in recommending the Advanced Mini Facelift to you. The website was excellent, well designed and easy to navigate. The Shire Hospital was clean, comfortable and the food delicious.
Oh, and by the way, my husband was very supportive also and thinks it is a fantastic result.

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Re: Advanced Mini Facelift

Postby janey » Tue Sep 20, 2016 9:30 am

Hi I am having the AMF next Wednesday 28th September, I did feel really positive but have read some negative feed back and am starting to get nervous would love to see some more before and after photos of ladies who have had the procedure,also is anyone else having the procedure on that day many thanks janey

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