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uneven earlobes after op

Comments and discussion about the Advanced Mini Facelift.
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uneven earlobes after op

Postby tez » Mon Feb 23, 2015 11:25 am

HI All

It's been a while since I posted. I had my AMF and double bleph just over 2 years ago.
Have to say I'm generally happy with the results.
One rather telling problem though. My earlobes are not only different but one is about a half inch longer. I didn't notice - I wasn't looking for it but as I was asking my hairdresser what she thought of the scarring behind and how noticeable it might be, I sort of put her on the spot and she mentioned I had the Ann Robinson look!! it seems she also has uneven earlobes due to facelifts.
I wear my hair up a lot.

I recommend you mention this to Mr Guest and get at least some assurance he will keep your looking the same, even if they're different. I remember he said I had elfin ears (and was lucky)... well, I now have only one elfin ear.
I plan to see him this Spring to hopefully sort this out but I will have to pay the hospital fee.

The scars behind the ear are less than they were but still noticeable when I wear my hair up.

These are things to ponder when you're making your decision.

Front facially I'm still glad I had it done and he does leave you with a face that will really look like you...but mention the ears!

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