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AMF 24th May 2014

Posted: Sat May 24, 2014 3:56 pm
by lightning
I have had the procedure this morning and so far so good, I arrived at 9am and was shown my room, everyone is very friendly and Mr Guest and his team are very helpful and informative.

You change into a hospital gown (bring slippers and a dressing gown) walk a short distance to the theater where you have already met the team. You lie on the bed and the nurses and Dr Sasada place monitors on you, whilst they are doing this you are injected with the sedative, which I hardly noticed and away you go. A nurse held my hand the whole time, everyone seemed to be talking, I know I joined in but don't know what I said, never thought for a moment about what they were doing, then it was all over.

The nurses wrapped a big bandage around my head, it is not uncomfortable but does make my head feel hot. I did not need drains.

The operation finished at 11.30, I was wheeled back to my room, I felt a little 'out of it' but had a cup of tea and 2 chocolate cookies which had been left by Dr Sasada, I felt quite hungry so then ate a pain au raisin I had brought and at 1 30 ate cottage pie. I have not had a problem eating, I don't usually eat as much as I have!

It is now 4 pm, so far I have had 2 paracetamol and feel no pain just a little tired. I did take Arnica 30 twice the 2 days before and have taken 3 does since together with Hypericum, so we shall see:)