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My amf 8 weeks on :-)

Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2014 10:39 pm
by carol5ll
I am writing this because it was the forum that helped me make up my mind to go ahead with the op. I am 54 and have always felt reasonably attractive, but as I approached 50 I suddenly felt I had become invisible. I felt I had lost my confidence along with my face which was becoming jowly & I had quite a double chin & saggy neck. I had my consultation with Philip guest & saved for two years to be in a position to make my decision. Often when I looked in the mirror I was pulling up my face with my fingers, but it seemed selfish, vain and shallow to be contemplating surgery. Finally I made the decision to book the operation, which was in January. Other forum posts are very accurate in describing the procedure, so I won't repeat this. All went well & I couldn't remember much about the operation, but during the night of the op, bandaged up & uncomfortable,I was awake and wondering why on earth I had put a reasonably attractive face under the knife... what was I thinking. In the morning the bandages came off & I couldn't believe my eyes! I was a bit swollen but there was no bruising and it was me, but 10 years younger. after a couple of days at home, I went out & did normal things & no one noticed, but i got comments like " that colour suits you" or "you look good in that hat" or " have you been on holiday". Mr guest said the operation would do little to correct my double chin or saggy neck, but it has made quite a difference. My jowls and loose skin have gone, but the overall look is very subtle. The scarring is very minimal and is fading back nicely. A concealer with a brush helps when going out. In conclusion, I am 100% so so pleased I had the amf and would urge anyone contemplating it to go for it. I can honestly say it has changed my life for the better. I feel happy, confident and have my sparkle back.