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Post op sleeping

Posted: Sat Oct 05, 2013 2:25 pm
by manuka
Hi everyone, I'm due to have my AMF next month and note from a few other post op members that you need to sleep on your back propped up for a while. How long would you do this for please as am no good sleeping in this position and am scared of rolling over and pulling out stitches.
My other main worry is the scarring which would not be easy to hide with my hair which doesn't fall over my ears. I've tried pulling it forward but it looks odd. I suppose I could wear a hat but not in work which would look even stranger. I'm panicking now as I'm worried everyone will be looking at me. Having noticeable scars and a Frankenstein appearance -Why the heck am I having it done when I am so anxious - ah yes, to try and look better than I do with my sad melting wax face :-(