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day one post AMF

Comments and discussion about the Advanced Mini Facelift.
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day one post AMF

Postby scientist » Mon Jul 29, 2013 5:27 pm

On Saturday I had my AMF. I have no swelling, no bruising and today I look just like me only 10 years younger. I was amazed at the difference to my neck which was a little scraggy but isnt now. My ears are a little sore but nothing too unbearable.
I booked into Downlands House Guest House (as recommended by Kate) for three days as I expected to feel ill but I feel really well and have been shopping for most of the day in Bristol ( I am too scared to pull anything over my head still)
Patricia has been lovely and the guest house is great, actually I feel like I am on holiday and feel a little guilty!
I was expecting lots of pain, not being able to go out due to the bruises and actually have nothing at all, even the plasters on my neck from the drains are off now and the stitches are fully hidden by my hair. (I brought big hats to hide my face)
I could go to work but have no intention of doing so. Sleep is difficult because of the need to sleep on your back propped up but its not unbearable.
Things I wish I had known:
1. take baby shampoo for when you need to wash your hair before leaving hospital - I forgot shampoo as I never dreamed I could wash my hair.
2. take leave in baby conditioner because anything else is just too strong and stings.
3. dont take clothes you have to pull over your head (obvious really)
4. when the nurses say they will be back, (ie: to take out the drain) ask how long and ring the bell when the time is up - or you will be there for ever (they are very busy)and the pain killers will have worn off

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Re: day one post AMF

Postby daisydoo123 » Thu Oct 24, 2013 7:44 pm

Hi...i hope you are now fully recovered and happy with the results of you AMF...just wondering if you have any photographs, as i'm thinkink of having this procedure done, but would like to see photos of what to expect.
kind regards

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