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AMF last week

Comments and discussion about the Advanced Mini Facelift.
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AMF last week

Postby Sunnyday » Mon Jul 01, 2013 6:18 pm

I have found this forum really useful in helping make my decision to have the AMF and thought I would add my journey to help others.
I had the AMF last Saturday but began to think about the procedure around a year or so ago. I was getting droopy jowls and people were more and more frequently asking if I was ok as I looked miserable. I did quite a bit of research and it was a mixture of the feedback on this forum, the credentials of Mr Guest and Mr Sasada and that it was done under sedation rather than full anaesthetic, which helped me decide to book a consultation.
At the consultation with Mr Guest I had the opportunity to talk to a lovely lady who was having her stitches out. Mr Guest took front and side photos of my face and seeing those ‘before’ pictures confirmed how droopy my face was becoming.
A few months later I received my procedure date and once again visited this forum to see what others had done to prepare. In advance I bought hair bands, bio oil and cool gel pads and a week before I started taking arnica to reduce bruising and yakult.
Last Saturday when I arrived I was shown my room and the nurse did blood pressure, weight and height checks and asked me to complete a couple of forms. Mr Guest and Mr Sasada came to see me and explained what was going to happen and gave the opportunity to ask any questions.
The nurse asked me to change into the gown provided (all clothes removed except knickers). The gown wrapped around so there would be no bum showing when walking to the theatre. I wore slippers and put my dressing gown on as the theatre was on the floor above, via a lift.
In the theatre there were three nurses and Mr Guest and Mr Sasada. Everything was very professional and efficient and everything they did was explained. A couple of monitors were placed on me and something very cold was placed on my leg (I don’t know what it was) and the next thing I knew was that I was awake and feeling like I had just come out of a very pleasant dream with my head trussed up in a very large bandage covering the whole of my head and under my chin. Mr Sasada had explained that the effect of the sedation is often the feeling of being contented and happy.
I was ferried back to my room in a wheelchair and I got into bed with two plastic drain bottles attached by tubes to the back of my ears. I felt very sleepy and drifted in and out of a light sleep all afternoon interspersed with Wimbledon and Glastonbury on TV. Mr Guest and Mr Sasada came to see me and were pleased with how things went. I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort. In the early evening I had a couple of paracetamol and had a meal of cottage pie and gravy. It was a little difficult to eat but the gravy made it quite soft and it was enjoyed as I hadn’t eaten since the previous evening.
I was able to get out of bed for the bathroom without the need for help and didn’t find the drain bottles difficult to manoeuvre as they weren’t very big and were light enough to hold in one hand. My blood pressure was checked frequently and a nurse checked on me every hour or so until midnight. Everything was explained including what would happen the next day.
I didn’t sleep at all overnight partly because I find it difficult to sleep propped up on my back and partly because the room was very warm. I opened the window but the central heating came on automatically and couldn’t be turned off so the open window didn’t cool things down. I thought afterwards that I probably felt so hot because of the massive bandage wrapped around my head. I also felt nauseas for a while in the night – it could have been the heat or the meal after not eating for a while. I just kept myself still and breathed deeply and it passed.
Early next morning the nurse clamped the drain tubes and came back an hour later to remove the bandages and drains. I was worried about the removal of the drains as there were messages on this forum about how painful it was, but I didn’t feel a thing – I braced myself for the pain of pulling them out , the nurse said ‘they’re out’ and I hadn’t notice anything happening.
I then had the opportunity to look at my rejuvenated face. It still looked like me only different! No jowls!!! I didn’t have any bruising, just a bit of swelling and a row of stitches alongside my ear and up.
I had a shower, washed my hair and got dressed. There were no complimentary shower gels or shampoo so was glad I bought my own. I don’t know if there was a hairdryer available as I had bought mine with me. Brushing teeth was quite uncomfortable.
Mr Guest and Mr Sasada came to see me and were pleased with the results. As there was little bruising or swelling I did not need to take an elastic bandage to wear at home. The nurse provided a bag with antiseptic gel and cocodamol.
I didn’t do much yesterday although physically I feel fine I can feel the stitches pull when I move more actively so I’m listening to my body and when it aches or feels like it’s pulling I stop and make sure I sit down. Mr Guest said not to lower my head lower than my heart – it’s unbelievable how difficult it is to do this so I’m being quite careful. I figure a couple of days of taking it easy is better than having problems later. I am taking the pain killers every four hours as I can feel them wearing off and a bit of itching and throbbing starts just before the 4 hours. I am washing the stitches and putting gel on 4 times a day. The gel is quite thick so I have a bit of a greasy hairline – I may be putting too much on but can’t seem to put it on more thinly. I have some swelling and tenderness where the drains were removed and I’m putting cooling gel strips on them which seems to help a little. Still no bruising which is great – it might be the arnica which I am still taking.
Eating is a little uncomfortable as it pulls on the stitches behind the ears so I’m on a soup diet for a few days. I managed to sleep part of the night by piling pillows around me but found it hard to stop myself turning on my side so had to rearrange the pillows to stop this happening. I think sleeping is going to be the most difficult thing for me to deal with.
I hope this helps those of you that are thinking about taking this AMF journey. The new website has loads of information on it as well. The whole process has been very professional and everyone has been great, really friendly and helpful – I don’t have anything but praise for them all.

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Re: AMF last week

Postby Sunnyday » Wed Jul 03, 2013 1:53 pm

It's now Wednesday, four days after the procedure. i have reduced the painkillers to about one every 4 hours - i can feel when i need to take another as the stitches become itchy and a bit twingey. Some bruising has appeared on my neck, under and around the area where the drains were; it is also swollen and feels tight and there is some pulling when moving or lifting - the cooling gel strips are helpful. I have found it hard to get off to sleep on my back but it is getting easier and i slept a little better last night. I'm really glad i booked leave this week as it would not have been possible to work effectively, by taking it easy this week i hope to have recovered enough to be able to work next week. It is also a great excuse to watch Wimbledon! On a really positive note, my face looks just how i hoped it would, the jowls have gone and there is a little tightening of the rest of my face. I'm meeting with friends on Saturday and it will be interesting to see if anyone notices (only my partner knew i was having the procedure).
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Re: AMF last week

Postby Sunnyday » Thu Jul 18, 2013 8:17 pm

It has been more than two weeks since the AMF. i had the stitches out last week and that went very smoothly - I had one stitch whihc was quite tight and was a little painful. The nurses were very gentle and sensitive. I was really surprised at the number of stitches that were taken out. Mr Guest came in to see me and was pleased with the result. I have an appointment for a check up in 8 weeks.

It felt like a major step forward to have the stitches out. It was lucky I ran out of the gel at the same time. i was really careful to make sure i kept to the routine of washing the wounds 4 times a day and putting the cream on. I hated the cream because it made the sides of my hair greasy and i was really conscious of it. I tried an alice band but it just looked odd wearing over my ears in the sun.

After the two weeks i was able to sleep on my side but in reality there was some tenderness on both sides of my face so had to continue to sleep on my back. Now the tenderness has gone from one side but not the other. It felt so good to get a good nights sleep. After the stitches came out and the cream finished i began to get some scabbing around my ears. This is starting to go now and is almost gone on one side. It will be a while before I don't worry about people noticing and feel able to put my hair behind my ears. It looks like the scarring isn't going to be too bad and as soon as the scabs go completely i will start massaging and using bio oil.

There is a little bit of numbness and tenderness near my ears still but it is reducing day by day. I started exercising again this week. It would have been too soon for me to have done so earlier as there was a feeling of tightness and some stinging pain near my temple when i overexerted so chose to work with what my body told me rather than risk any thing.

I am really pleased with how my face looks - the AMF did just what i wanted it to do with just a little tightening under the chin and around the eyes.

Good luck with your AMF, I felt i was in good hands through the whole process.

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