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9 months post op - 20% improvement loose neck skin

Comments and discussion about the Advanced Mini Facelift.
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9 months post op - 20% improvement loose neck skin

Postby aruther » Mon Mar 04, 2013 2:46 pm

Firstly, just to say thanks to this forum for all the wonderful advice given about how to approach the operation and how to manage the recovery. The operation went smoothly and the recovery well...and the team looked after me wonderfully well. I am pleased with the results to a large extent but just wanted to flag up a couple of things really, to make others aware. I am quite young for the procedure but started showing a 'turkey neck' a couple of years ago after losing nearly two stone in a very short period of time (it's also a genetic feature) - and loose skin under my neck was what I really wanted to address. At my consultation with Mr Guest we discussed the procedure along with a neck lift - Mr Guest did not want to do the necklift due to my age, and I took his advice. He showed me how the AMFL would look in a mirror - and stupidly I just looked at my face not my neck!! The AMFL has made a difference to my face - I am pleased with that, it's kind of made me look prettier! However the long shot is that the loose skin on my neck has only been slightly improved - say about 20% and I still have an aged looking neck - so - disappointed. My advice would be to think twice about whether to go ahead with the AMFL alone if loose neck skin is your main concern. Another problem I have is that I have fine hair and the scar in my hairline on one side is quite wide (compared to the other side) and I have a line of hair loss as a result. It's manageable (I use fullmore coloured spray).

On balance I am happy.......and like my face! :)

Happy to answer any questions

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Re: 9 months post op - 20% improvement loose neck skin

Postby 24stelmo » Wed Mar 20, 2013 3:04 am

Thanks for your advice. I am curious to know at what age Mr Guest would have done the neck lift. I have the same problem with my neck and am hoping to have the neck lift with AMFL.

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