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My AMF 3 months on

Comments and discussion about the Advanced Mini Facelift.
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My AMF 3 months on

Postby Kate99 » Thu Feb 02, 2012 7:54 pm

I had my AMF 3 months ago & here are some comments on my experience which I hope may be of help / interest

First 24 hours
I was suprisingly relaxed before the operation and the experience was absolutely fine. However I started to feel increasing discomfort as the anaesthetic wore off. It was a long day & even longer night! I found the tight head bandage extremely uncomfortable and some of the drugs made me very nauseous. However once the bandage & drains were removed in the morning & I had a shower and hair wash I felt considerable better.

Suggestions if you are booked in:-
    Don't order any food that needs you to open your mouth much - I couldn't even manage a sandwich
    If you colour your care, do so just before your op as you are not allowed to colour if for 6 weeks afterwards

I booked 2 weeks off work and I would recommend this if you can. You should take as much rest as possible. I thought I hadn't bruised much, but the bruises then appeared after 3 days and probably took at least a week to go.

I found it hard to sleep on my back. However when I made a ramp of pillows starting with one under my back (pay in the same direction as your body) and then 2 or 3 under neck & head, I found this comfortable. It also stopped me wanting to roll over on my side.

I just used bio-oil & Savlon advanced healing gel for the scars and this seems to have worked OK. The scars at the front are quite faint now. I haven't felt the need to get any strong camouflage to cover up, but I'm fortunate to have quite thick hair that have covered them. I have also used hats, scarves, hairbands & hairclips to give coverage on windy days. However (like others) the scars behind the ears are still quite red & bumpy. I aslo got an infection in my neck (where the drains were) about 4 weeks after the operation and needed antibiotics.

I had dermaroller and I haven't found a noticeable difference. To be fair, I was told that 2 or 3 treatments are required to make a differenc, but I did expect to notice more from the first session. It's also possible that there is more of a difference than I realise. I'm undecided whether to have a second session.

I chose Mr Guest because I wanted a suble and natural looking improvement and this is what I got! The jowls are lifted and the 'melted wax' look has gone but by no means do I have a 'perfect' face. Nobody seems to have even suspected that I've had a face lift - not even close friends and family or would say something. Only a couple of people have maybe noticed something different and put it down to my new hairstyle.

Here are some personal comments if you are thinking about AMF:-

    It IS major surgery - don't under-estimate
    You will need plenty of rest
    The results are irreversible, so do consider carefully
    Discuss your requirements & expections
    Have realistic expectations
    If you do decide to go ahead, I would personally recommend Mr Guest, Mr Sassada, the team and the Spire hospital

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