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My AMF & neck lift part 1

Comments and discussion about the Advanced Mini Facelift.
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My AMF & neck lift part 1

Postby Lynnette » Mon Nov 21, 2011 4:29 pm

My review four months after my AMFL and Platysmal Plication on 16 July 2011:

With the sedation, I fell asleep as Dr Sasada inserted the needle into my hand, I didn’t feel a thing and didn’t have even a tiny bruise to show for it although I bruise easily. I had been worried about not having general anaesthetic but needn’t have done.

For me, it was better attending a private hospital such as this than a private clinic, particularly as I suffer with serious allergies and anaphylaxia, which didn't cause a problem after all (being allowed my prescribed antihistamine every four hours) but my inclination to sudden low blood pressure did cause a problem the next morning. I had to have an oxygen mask for two to three hours to bring my systolic pressure up to 97, still a bit low but good enough for me. One never knows when a problem will occur and it wasn't anybody's fault. I just didn't think to warn the nurses beforehand that I am prone to sudden drops in blood pressure. It is good to know after having any kind of surgery that there are qualified nurses attending to you during the night AND a qualified doctor on call.

I was glad my surgery was on a Saturday as my husband was able to spend the weekend in Bristol with me, so he didn't have to take time off work.

I was told not to lie down or on my side for some days, I forget how long, and I found the most comfortable place for me to sleep was downstairs on our recliner settee with a duvet around me. Of course, I also had platysmal plication (neck surgery) so my chin did feel tight and swollen. You can also keep a low profile at home! I certainly wouldn't have wanted to stay in a strange hotel.

After a week, I still had 'frozen solid' ears, part cheeks and under chin and it was very tender to touch but must admit I was out and about during the week after surgery. My stitches were in for ten days altogether. Mr Guest had given me a funny-looking head bandage, which I wore briefly, then took off and kept. However, later on, I washed it and started to wear it at night for a week or so, having bought Kool 'n' Soothe gel strips (for migraine) and I put one on each cheek near the ears and one under my chin each night, held on with the light head bandage, to try and speed up reduction in swelling. I use the gel strips regularly, anyway, to soothe any allergic area where my skin swells, burns and itches and they're great. You can buy a pack of eight child-sized ones that last for eight hours each for around £4.50 in supermarkets and chemists, which isn't cheap but not a lot in comparison with what cosmetic surgery costs. I did have some trouble trying to eat for most of the week and it's better doing it in private, as my skin felt very tight and my mouth hardly opened. Think of it as a chance to diet! .... (Please see next post for continued review)

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Re: My AMF & neck lift part 2

Postby pink86wt » Fri Dec 23, 2011 6:07 pm

I was advised not to wear make-up for a week so there was no point in taking make-up to the hospital, or night wear, apart from a dressing gown. For one night, one still has to wear the operation gown that ties up at the back but you can wear underwear underneath. My tummy was a bit bloated the next morning and I couldn't wear anything tight-fitting round the waist to go home in, which the nurse told me is common, so I suggest loose, comfortable clothes for then. I took far too much with me, although I did use my hair drier and heated rollers as I was told I could have a shower and wash my hair the next morning.

Having worked in a hospital, I do worry about infection as I know how rife it is in hospitals. Actimel is good to take morning and night about a week before and a week after surgery as it is known to fight MRSA and C-Dif, etc.


Oh, when I was first home, I felt really woozy for a few days, just my low blood pressure probably, but I kept my mobile 'phone with me, especially at night, ensuring our landline was top of its list, so I could 'phone my husband upstairs (or down, wherever he was) if I needed him. (He's not that good with mobile 'phones).

I had offered to pay the extra to take a cancellation, which was a gamble, but I thought that with the recession, etc., it was fairly likely I'd be able to get it and Molly at Me knew I had already started preparing myself regarding what pills, etc., not to take, so I could be physically ready with very little effort.

To sum up, in retrospect, four months later, the hardest thing was finding the money as it is only minor surgery. I enjoy my new jawline and feel much more attractive than before, especially in close-up when applying makeup. My neck still isn’t that wonderful, just better than it was but at 66 I do have a scrawny neck. With my rejuvenated face, I can wear my hair longer or up and wear turtle-neck tops and there are no jowls any more to draw the eye to. I’m glad I had it done!
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Re: My AMF & neck lift part 1

Postby blissy » Tue Aug 28, 2012 8:44 am

Hi Lynette, you say you had AMF & neck lift so I'm wondering why you still have a scrawny neck.. did you have 2 operations, one being to improve the neck as you say you are still not happy with your neck and do you have any more pictures of before and after?
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Re: My AMF & neck lift part 1

Postby 24stelmo » Wed Mar 20, 2013 3:13 am

I think you look fantastic! Do you still feel the same way about your neck now?
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Re: My AMF & neck lift part 1

Postby lesleylesleynohole » Tue Oct 21, 2014 3:52 pm

Hi Lynnet

Thank you for your post I enjoyed reading it very much please can you send me before and after photos as I am thinking of having the same procedure and would love to see your results

Kind regards Lesley
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Re: My AMF & neck lift part 1

Postby npetti » Tue Nov 11, 2014 6:31 pm

Hi lynete,

Just wondering if after 3 years, you still feel happy with the AMF . I just feel that the skin having been stretched it might droop even quicker than if you had not done anything. Have you got numbness in some areas.
Could you let me know your feelings about the result and if possible send me before and after picture.
I am due to have surgery some time this year.
Thanks a lot

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